The Rage Topic


So I’m at a laid back Halloween party last night hanging out with a couple friends all night. Some really attractive girl dressed as a slutty cat is there and acts a little flirty but I don’t pay much attention because she feels a little red flaggy (she comes off as trying too hard to be cool).

The night starts wrapping up around 1 and slutty cat wants to walk to a frat party about 15 mins away, but doesn’t feel comfortable walking alone so myself and two friends offer to walk with her. My two friends bail the second we get out the door so it’s just me and her and we start talking. Pretty flirty and good conversation but still really red flaggy-she’s a half French half German model from a wealthy Parisian family and seems a bit stuck up. She is obsessed with renaissance art and fine wine. We get to the frat and she decides she doesn’t want to go anyway so we walk around the university campus and end up climbing up on a ledge on part of the library and talk for two hours. She’s un-apologetically elitist but also really interesting and the conversation is good.

Walk her to an Uber ride and right before she gets in, ask for her number. She’s super hesitant but gives it to me. Then ask if I can kiss her (ham-fisted I know, oh well). She laughs in my face and says “don’t push your luck” and gets in the car.

Shutting me down is fine, if I weren’t prepared for rejection I wouldn’t ask. But doing it like that is just downright fucking rude. I don’t give a shit if she’s a European model or not, I’m not going to think she’s better than me just because she thinks she is. Deleted her number-moving on.


In a game like tic-tac-toe I assume most of the leaves are ties-are you sure it’s not just picking locations randomly out of several options that all tie? What depth is your min-max tree going to? Does the behavior change if you change the depth? Are you sure your algorithm is properly picking the leaf with the maximum value? Have you implemented alpha-beta pruning yet or is this just the vanilla algorithm right now?

If you want I’m happy to help out-feel free to pm me and I can take a look at your code and see if I spot anything.


Personally kissing would have been a bit much for an initial meeting, Garth, but that’s just me and my massive sexual repression and social anxiety talking. If she felt put upon enough, that could justify such a reply. (I probably would have expected a slap, myself. But again, anxiety.)


I think it depends a lot on the cultural context. At my American university meeting someone at a party and kissing seems not unusual at all. Often people, to degree of both sexes, go to parties explicitly looking to have sex with strangers (though that’s considered a little bit of a scuzzy thing to do).

But to be fair, I knew I was pretty much toast when she hesitated to give me her number.

I mostly offended by her specific wording and tone. That I wasn’t to push my “luck” as if I were so tremendously lucky that she had given me her time let alone her number. I probably would have been less put off by a slap because that doesn’t come with an assumption of superiority.

EDIT: Oops jeff just realized your post was several days old, guess I was too late in offering help.


I go to college in America too, and technically one of the colleges near me is infamous as a party school, but I don’t really go to parties or anything social.


It depends on your social backgrounds. While I grew up (and currently live) in the suberbs of DC, I can tell you that sort of social contact with me requires me to have known you for at least a few months or years before I allow that.

Though to be fair, that sort of behavior pisses me off too, Garth.

Beyond that, keep your fucking kid in control his shrill screeching is making my fucking head hurt; I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK IF HE HAS DOWNSYNDROME, I’M GLUED HERE UNTIL MY SHIFT IS UP SO KEEP YOUR FUCKING CHATTER BOX UNDER CONTROL.

No, I didn’t say that aloud. It just irked me once someone said “you watch that, someone may get offended,” What’s offending me is my ears being bled by the fucking sound. You can take him out of the building, if I hadn’t taken my break already I’d have done that. I won’t pander to you if you don’t pander to me.


I was kind of a pseudo-intellectual dickhead when I was in college who was way uptight and regarded people who went out and had fun as immature and dumb conformists. So I whiled my time away in seclusion or else in small groups while we smoked pot and played video games or ate.

God, I am so mad at the person I was five years ago. I feel like I threw away my chance to enjoy myself and have fun. Stunted my social abilities for sure.


I’m not a pseudo-intellectual dickhead, but I’m a total introvert so I don’t go to parties.
I don’t appreciate lots of noise past 9:30, though.

On the topic, there was a Halloween party or something at the neighbor’s apartment the other night that was super loud until, like, 3AM, and near the end I heard this one girl loudly declaring how she had had three bottles of beer and was ABOUT TO HAVE THE BEST SEX OF HER LIFE!!!111. I was in bed trying to sleep by this point, and I immediately heard loud, quick footsteps, then felt, rather than just heard, what I can only assume was two bodies flinging into bed in the next room.

Then, total silence for the rest of the night, broken only by the sound of my roomates deciding to start a conversation in the hallway on the side where the party wasn’t.

I guess she was wrong?


I’m very outgoing and feel really really depressed if I don’t get enough social interaction. But at the same time I’m pretty put off by really high energy environments (especially noisy) so frat-style parties are way too much for me. I tend to like relaxed house parties or long personal one on one conversations.

My one big source of social angst is while I got really good at making friends and socializing I never got very good at romantic interaction. I had one pretty long term relationship with someone who didn’t treat me well and other than that just a bunch of failed attempts. Gets pretty frustrating, but I know it’s on me and I just need to better develop my social skills in the romantic department. At least I have a fair amount of confidence and little fear of rejection/vulnerability so I don’t have any trouble putting myself out there and trying.

That said, also just got back a text from a girl I met swing dancing last Thursday. Texted her inviting her to get coffee. She says she has a boyfriend. Putting yourself out there all the time only to get nowhere gets pretty fucking exhausting even when you get turned down reasonably and politely.

Well at least it sounds like you got the last laugh?


Managed to get to sleep before dawn, and it was the weekend so I slept until 12 or so, so yeah. Definitely not the worst night I’ve had, unlike right before my Canadian Law midterm last semester. (Got maybe half an hour that night, then had to leave at 6 to get to the exam. Not fun)


You know I am really surprised this topic is still a thing.


We still have rage.


My current rage is against the machine.

Actually it’s that I’m awake right now.


^ You and me both, pretty sure I didn’t sleep at all last night.


I wish I Was in that boat, I apparently slept through most of yesterday.


Why would you ever want LESS sleep? Jeez I haven’t gotten barely 4 hours over the past 2 days


cause 18 hours of sleep is just as bad as only having 4 hours


Trade you.


If we split between the three of us, that’s 6 a night each. That’s more than I get in a week, I’m in.


would gladly trade, lol. sadly I do not think is is possible, unless some one breaks the laws of physics or something.