The Rage Topic


Fucking Amazon just tricked me into buying Prime.

It’s been a long, frustrating day at work today. I got home and decided to order a new PSU, because the one I have seems to be acting up. I’m mindlessly clicking through the checkout and at some point I clicked a green button that looked like it was an ordinary part of the checkout process and it “activated my Prime membership.”

Absolute fucking pieces of shit. Don’t deceive me into buying your garbage premium membership. I’m glad I noticed it right away or they could have fucked me out a month of membership fees before I’d even noticed I did it.

EDIT: Fucking $108.50 charge on my credit card mother fuck shit swizzling donkey fuck sweet and sour CUNT PUNTERS


I ordered a book off amazon and got a pocket pussy.


Amazon charges Prime by the year, not the month, I think. Also fudge you, Prime is bomb as fuck if you shop frequently. Had it for two years and must have saved thousands on shipping by now.

Buuut, I guess if you don’t buy friggin’ everything there or just don’t have $100 laying around it’s a bit more of a problem…


If you cancel prime you get refunded if it’s a yearly payment but I agree, Prime is the bomb.


I’ve lost my phone and just bloody can’t find it. Fuck.


Prime would be fine if I wasn’t able to delay gratification. I do just fine with the free 5-8 day shipping, and in the rare case that I need something fast, it’s cheaper for me to pay 2-day shipping as it comes, because I don’t need >$100 worth of 2-day shipping in a year. I don’t use any of the other benefits.


I swear to god. The people who live with me wonder why the fuck I’m perpetually pissed off all the fucking time when they continue to push my buttons, even though I asked to just end the topic there after I give a reply that is satisfactory from my prospective. But no. They have to continue pursuing the topic because they think they fucking know better, all the fucking while my body language is fucking screaming: STOP PUSHING MY BUTTONS BEFORE I THROW THE ENTIRE KITCHEN INTO A NUCLEAR FUCKING TOASTER AND KILL EVERYTHING THERE! Thank god I’ve disciplined myself enough to keep my mouth fucking shut so I don’t say something I’ll regret.

You see me getting pissed off, you see me ball my fist trying to keep calm, and yet you continue to be dis-re-fucking-spectful and escalate the fucking situation. Don’t say shit like “You have no say in this,” because it only serves to piss me off and you fucking know it. So why the fuck do you fucking do it?! HUH?! DO YOU LOVE PISSING ME OFF?! BECAUSE IT FUCKING WORKED! /rages

I managed to keep my temper in check this time, but I’m not sure if I can do that again.


I play a lot of CS:GO.
Trying to keep my cool while people fuck up majorly is hard.
Trying to keep my cool while I teach people who cannot do the shit I tell em is hard.
Attempting to tolerate my brother without doing a 360 degree punch straight to his face is hard.

Although, I do push other people’s buttons.


Tonight I got my replacement Corsair AX760. The PSU that was to end this year-long nightmare of my PC being squirrelly and refusing to boot properly.


FUCK CORSAIR. First they FUCKED me out of my warranty on a technicality, and I in good faith purchased exactly the same model again, and they send me one that doesn’t FUCKING WORK? I’m done giving them my money.

I’ll give my money to EVGA instead.


fuck, I’m sick again.

tbh since the first rather cold day I feel always on the edge of getting sick. I’m fed up!!
during the last 6-8 weeks there was always at least one person in our houshold sick. Last weekend I had to cancel a weekend with my best friends, because my wife was sick and naturally I wouldn’t let her alone with our son. God, I was so sad, because we only get to see each other like once or twice a year (they live in diffrent cities), if even. But there was just nothing and nobody to be mad at, it was nobodys fault. it was just so disappointing because we had planned that weekend for months!

And now I’m down in the bed again, second time within four weeks, I think. It just sucks sooo hard…
And it makes me realize how fucking hard it can be as parents when there’s no family around to help. If one day my wife and I get sick with fever at the same time, we really have a problem.

edit: Speaking of which, I just like to use that chance again to express my utmost respect to every single parent there is. That is a huge job…


A friend has been inviting me up to his college town in Northern California for months now and I just haven’t had the chance. I finally took him up on it and have been up here for a few days.

Had such a fucking incredible time. I remember how much I miss it up here and how much I like the people. Everyone is ten times more approachable and relaxed than anywhere else. And they love to get out and do things and just have a good time. I was supposed to leave yesterday because I didn’t have anywhere to crash Saturday and within an hour of meeting someone she insisted I move my ticket to Sunday and couch surf at her place.

I’m waiting for the train to go back home and I’m feeling a pit in my chest. I’ve realized by comparison just how much I don’t like where I live and what I’m doing. Feels so shitty to realize that just going back to my regular life feels really depressing and stressful. I feel so torn between getting a career rolling and living somewhere I like with people I like.

In the end I know I need to pick the latter but it’s tough.


fuck, jesus christ!
I just spilled a huge glass of ginger tea with honey on my laptop…

I managed to flip around the laptop right away, so most of the liquid dripped out, but the honey really made it stick. took out the keyboard and cleaned it all up carefully and dried it with a hairdryer. the laptop itself seems ok, but the keyboard is busted, it seems. Trying to put in my password does some weird shit, so i cant get to my files for now. Also, seems like the battery is dead, too. So I might need to replace these to items. not too bad all things considered, I guess.

But still…christ, what a week!


Pull it apart, get the HDD, and hook it up to your secondary computer with a bridge. If you haven’t encrypted the files, you should be fine.


I don’t tend to bitch about trivial shit like this anymore, I feel that I’ve grown up in the past 5 years of being on this forum/since high-school, but since I don’t know any of you and it’s nice to just complain:

I am totally tired of being single. I’ve had 2 relationships in my whole 24 years of life. Both lasted a month or two, and both were cut off by me because of certain realizations I had about the girls (one was cheating on me because she realized she didn’t like me and the other did lots of drugs I didn’t know about) I am the last of my close friends to be in some sort of relationship (there are two others, but ones just a complete dick and the other did it to herself really, by being a dick, cause she had one starting). Anyways, yeah. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t connect with anyone. I can’t even find ways to meet people. Hell, for the most part, whenever I DO meet someone new, they’re already in a steady 2+ year relationship or engaged or married even. Well, or really unstable in their lives (drugs or mental health issues, etc). Not to say that the latter is BAD per say, just that I need someone who isn’t going to go off the deep end on if things get stressful, I have enough going on, I don’t need that really.

I mean, I hate to bitch about it cause… Like that doesn’t solve anything and it just makes me seem really pathetic, but it helps to at least complain every now and then about it.


Thanks for the advice, but fornutealy this wasn’t nescessary. I let the keyboard dry for a day and just put it back it. Seems to work like a charm again! Actually, it sounds a little bit quieter now, which is nice. I’m gonna test the keyboard extensively and just hope it won’t break again, but for now it seems perfectly fine (writing this post from my laptop).

It can be helpful to let of some steam as long you may feel a little bit better after it. Though everbody’s situations is always a little diffrent from everybody else’s, I kind of feel reminded to myself. I won’t go into detail, because it does not help to compare it, but I felt a lot of years like I was missing out a lot. And the bad thing about it was that I only really discovered my opportunities after my chances were over, and so many times I would commit the same mistake again…it was painful. It felt like all of my friends were having their experiences that were important to their youth, but I just missed out on it. Eventually, I met someone to whom I could be completely open with and who was more offensive/positive, which did me some good.
I know, this doesn’t really help, but I guess, if you let of some steam it can feel good to at least get a response. I think the most important thing is not to get bitter about it and seek and concentrate on the things about you that you like about yourself. I strongly believe that people will see and feel that eventually.
Anyway, for what it’s worth, I was older than you are now when I met my wife I have a kid with and will have another baby with. And by that time I didn’t have much more experience than you… Though I never had something with a drug fiend, 'tis fucked up, dude!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh. My. Fucking. Christ.

I got my new PSU from EVGA and installed it last night. Today, my PC has the same boot problem it’s been having on and off for the last year.

I’ve swapped out almost every part in this computer over the last year. The only parts left from the original computer are the audio card (which I removed, and that didn’t fix the problem), the SSD, and the HDD. How can it possibly still be having this problem?


Thanks Wayne, and youre right. All in due time, and it does help to complain a little every now and then.


People say college is when you go out, party a lot, and get laid.

That’s total bullshit, I’ve been here for 4 years and haven’t even kissed a girl in that time.


Just a matter of finding someone desperate enough, then you’ll realize it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.


Crack was an issue.