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I’ve had a bunch of assignments and presentations to work on this week, and I just remembered I also have to mockup UI for my year-long project, which I haven’t started yet because I haven’t had a chance to, and I have to have done by 2PM tomorrow, and I ALSO have another thing due tomorrow, AND I have to meet with my academic advisor because I failed an elective last year and haven’t had free course slots to make that up, so I may or may not be able to graduate this year, and all I really want to do right now is go to goddamn bed and curl up until it’s warm outside again but I can’t because I have class until 9:30PM, like the rest of the goddamn week.


So I’m flipping through my wall and I’m seeing posts about the movement by Jill Stein to demand a recount on the election, and I see this post on a friend’s wall. He’s going on and on about voter suppression and how people didn’t respond honestly to polls and said the polls were wrong because Trump voters were not answering polls “TO AVOID ADMITTING THEIR BIGOTRY!”

Or, you know, they were just sick of literally everyone ever crucifying them for expressing an opinion because it was considered racist/sexist/homophobic/islamophobic/stupid/politicallyincorrect/whateverthehellelse because holy goddamn you say one thing on the internet and you get fucking lynched by your entire friends list because YOU MUST AGREE WITH ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING A CANDIDATE SAYS IF YOU VOTE FOR HIM.

For the record, I didn’t vote for Trump because I didn’t like him for a lot of the reasons nobody else on my friends list didn’t like him, but you won’t see me fucking nailing people to a wall over it. That Johnathan Pie video was spot on- we can’t talk about politics anymore because the instant you do, you offend someone. And God forbid we do that! God forbid people are actually allowed to disagree or dissent something! The way people are now was like how anyone speaking against the Iraq war was immediately labeled a coward or a terrorist enabler and you’re damn right I was probably guilty of that back then. But I was really hoping that people would actually start COMMUNICATING again in the digital age, actually reading, commenting intelligently, and learning from one another!

We have 24/7 instant global communication, we can keep up with friends we haven’t seen in decades, and all we’re doing with it is posting cat videos and using the metadata to give ourselves little bubbles of “My way of thinking is the only way of thinking, and if you don’t agree with me, I will use social media to make you unemployable!” And if you think that’s a damn conspiracy you’d better watch how businesses check into your social media, because every post you make is gonna be scanned over to see if you offend XYZ amount of people, and if you do that your career is sunk. I am actually terrified for anyone who’s growing up entirely with Facebook. Any stupid thing you say will be used against you, decades down the line because the internet is written in permanent goddamn ink.

I was reading twelve pages of “unfriend me immediately if you voted for anyone but Hillary” and it just made me fucking sick to my stomach. This whole election and the aftermath and all the rioting and demands for a recount are just making me so fucking dead inside. And I know I can’t post any of this on my actual social media because I’D GET FUCKING LYNCHED.

Tolerance? Democrats are the party of tolerance? From where I’m sitting, nobody is tolerating or discussing fucking anything.


Truer words have never been spoken. I can’t stand it that so few people will put aside their differences and instead harp on each other. You can’t improve things if you do the same stupid stuff over and over.

Our best weapon is the fact that we are individuals, with differing ideas, who can communicate. But it’s so far out there for anyone to talk about things, that when you do, you’re laughed at and shunned and told off until you join one side or another.


CyankeeMassey you’re completely wrong and also foolish to say such things which I in my infinite wisdom disagree with


Well when you put it that way.


and then there’s me, no facebook account at all


This account and my Steam account are pretty much my only online presences.

Unless, of course, you count all of my abandoned accounts which I haven’t logged onto in years.


I have this, steam, and Facebook. I mostly use Facebook for sharing memes and messenger/setting up things with friends.


Steam, this, Facebook, TRS forums, and the occasional Twitch stream a friend of mine runs are about all I lurk on in the internet. I’m getting tired of the politics as well. I lurk on facebook mostly and just creep/read articles that catch my attention (which isn’t often considering the bullshit being fed by media now’adays) and keep up with people I know and have met through gaming over the years.


I’ll just leave this here. I have high hopes for PORP.


Phff your dolphin party has nothing compared to the Vermin Supreme!


I am so fucking pissed off right now.
For the past three years it has defaulted to me to be the one who does the dishes, which, with the amount of dishes this apartment produces, is a two-man job. And for the past semester, the amount of help I’ve been getting has dwindled to nothing. A bunch of times I’ve just given up on cooking a proper meal because I didn’t want to deal with the pile of dishes on my own. I keep asking for help. but everybody has their own excuse.
“They’re not mine, I wash all my dishes”
(Bullshit. Even if that were 100% true - and I can’t count the amount of times I’ve washed plates or pans that could only have been produced with the way you specifically cook chicken and steak - that doesn’t excuse you from pitching in with the goddamn housework when the place is a mess.)
“I’m going home today”
(And you, of all people, you, who lives 15 minutes away by car, if that, can’t do that at any other time?)
“I have stuff due for school”
(Yeah, so do I - Except mine is an exam I have to study for, whereas all of yours are finished.)

I wasn’t even telling them to do the dishes - just to goddamn help me out by drying. Which is the part that takes the least effort. Wipe it down, put it away, I know you know where it goes. And have I mentioned that, out of all the people in the apartment, I’m probably the least suited to doing it? My hands are extra sensitive to increases in heat. For some reason, 1 degree too warm (When the tap is set to a moderate temperature) and my nerves start to think I’m being scalded, even though the actual point of tissue damage is much higher than that.

So you know what? Fuck it. I’m not doing the dishes. They run out of stuff to cook or eat with - and we’re at that point now - they can solve it their damn selves. Next time someone complains to me that there aren’t any forks or plates, I’ll fucking tell them as much.
And I know I’m probably gonna cave first, because I cannot financially afford to eat out for every meal, but goddamn it, I’m tired of being taken advantage of and made to do a 2-man job myself because everyone else is too fucking lazy and apathetic to do their part in keeping the apartment habitable. Screw that noise.

Lets see how long they can wallow in their own filth.


Same. We have an inspection tomorrow, me and the one roommate who actual try to clean have been working non stop for days now, and the other who doesn’t is on vacation at home from work and isn’t do anything.


I assume you’re studying and living in a corridor?

Get a bench-dishwasher, they’re relatively cheap and they remove a LOT of that pesky “why the fuck arent people doing the dishes”.
I got one at my last year at Uni, helped remove a lot of annoyance between my neighbors, it should be a standard for each corridor really.

This is the 'lil beauty. I donated it to the corridor when I stopped studying there.


Ha. That was me, too, in the last place I lived in my college town before I lived back home - a Craigslist with six roommates.

I eventually stopped cooking, because the kitchen was too disgusting to use. Once we literally had flies spawn in the sink.

I never did stop cleaning the upstairs bathroom, though. One time I got the other upstairs roommates to make some noise about pitching in to clean it, but they never did.

Now I have my own place and it’s damn clean all the time and I’m ruined for roommates forever. I’ll never live with another human being again.


If it comes to it mark your dishes and only clean your own.


Sooo someone contacted me on my phone about a government job I sent my resume into. Yeah, it’s periodic work, but money’s fucking money. Would it kill you to actually answer your phone or provide me a secondary contact point, E.G. E-mail in case I can’t fucking reach you on the first comm line?

Now I’m stuck here anxious because I can’t return the god damn call (Verizon error code for whatever reason) and I’ll likely be waiting until tomorrow to make this flesh out… god damn it.

Couple that with the studio I’ve been in touch with hasn’t given me a reply about if they can hire me on or not yet hasn’t given me a reply yet, so I’m waiting until Monday next week (it’s already been a week) until I poke them again. I’m starting to pull my hair out about this. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!


So I work at the same company as moot. I decided to look him up on our internal employee profile, turns out he works in a building like one block from mine. Sent him a message asking if he wanted to come to a barbecue me and my friends are throwing this weekend. He didn’t want to.

Sad day.

Been going to group swing dancing lessons and open dance and it’s a lot of fun (even as someone who never really danced at all effectively in his life). One girl was there for the very first time and was dancing closer than you’re supposed to (limits movement). Didn’t notice until I got home but her perfume is all over my right shoulder. Been sitting alone in my room huffing my shoulder. Realized that’s pretty fucking depressing and a little creepy. Oh well. At least I’m not getting off on it or something-just missing romance/relationships.


Overslept the whole day.
Fuckelifuck fuck.


How monumentally fucking stupid or desperate do you need to be to move out without a fucking financial cushion or car to at least catch you and have reliable income HAVE YOU THOUGHT THIS THROUGH? BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVEN’T.

I want to strangle my fucking family member right now because he’s being a fucking idiot. I get that he doesn’t want to deal with this shit anymore, but still. Fucking think this through. I’m REALLY worried about his well-fucking-being and he won’t heed ANY warnings from any of us including myself (I told him before and he still brushed me off). Most of his friends think this is a terrible idea as well. I give it a fucking month before everything falls apart on him. I promise it will and I will laugh when it does saying “I told you so.”

While I hope I’m dead wrong about this, I really fucking do. But chances are this will fall apart soon enough, then guess who has to pick up the fucking pieces.