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Very nice man!

It’s lovely that you went further and treated yourself with nice looking LEDs and stuff.

Me and my bro went performance and money-save-ing only so there’s nothing that fancy looking in there.

Hope you have fun with it!

What’s the first game you’ll play?
Besides BM in Very High.


LOL, well I didn’t go TOO far out of my way to make it look pretty … I just wanted the motherboard and water cooler to fit with the white case, and it turns out they light up too.

The brightest thing in there is just the fan that came with my graphics card !

Thanks, guys!


Pretty lights! (fangirl awe)

I will show these comments to my son and see if he feels like tackling it again.



ok, well today almost had heart attack. I also learned something trap viruses suck.

went to clear out my temp folder as my computer was whining at me to clear it out. sadly it had a trap virus in it that avast didn’t catch. One system restore cause it attempted to delete system32 with my temp files later. I had a problem as in how teh fuck do you get rid of a file that tries to delete system32 if you try to delete it. well had avast do a direct on it scan (was the only file in the temp folder with three letters and some unknown .something serioulsy is was three squares. avasts solution quarantine it and tell me there is nothing it can do.

So yeah, I now have a file on my computer that can litterly destroy my computer if it is deleted and no way to remove it. fuck everything and fuck people that make code like that.


Is it possible to copy system32, delete the file, and put the copy back where it goes, or does deleting system32 trigger a system restart?


Try these steps


I would run a malwarebytes scan in safemode.[/size][/size]
But if your getting horrible viruses that a good av could not stop nor repair, it’s probably time to format and reinstall.[/size]
[/size]Alway use a decent av program, BUT REMEMBER, The best antivirus is your finger.[/size][/size][/size]


Sometimes it just makes you think.
We created harmful applications where they don’t even need to exist.
Makes you want to strangle those viruses with your bare hands.


Speaking of viruses, I recently came across a computer virus known as MEMZ (by watching someone else download it to see what it did, fortunately). Disguised as either an .EXE or .BAT file, it basically slowly takes control of your computer’s functions (inverts colors, makes mouse move on its own, searches stuff on google, etc.) until it’s basically unusable. Rebooting doesn’t help either, since the virus messes with the boot settings. This virus doesn’t just destroy your computer, it laughs in your face while doing so. Oh, and it also has memes as payloads, as you probably guessed from the name.

While I don’t think that most people would try running such a thing on their computer without taking precautions (unless you’re overly curious and have never heard of it), I could imagine an unscrupulous person renaming it and tricking an unsuspecting (and possibly gullible) adversary into running it. While I don’t think the creator meant it to be taken as a serious threat, it always poses a danger to people who are just a little bit careless when downloading stuff from the web.


It doesn’t necessarily serve zero purpose… they’re often made for recreation, think of it as a form of playing. Black-hats practice their creation of malicious code. So not only is it good for humanity’s ability to practice producing devastating cyberattacks, but it’s also incentive for humans and broader society to bolster their own cybersecurity measures, so we will be less vulnerable to such attacks from “new arrivals”.


and it is gone now.

Still no freaking clue where the file came from. it was in my temp folder so likely the background on some site… if I got it from a banner ad I would not be surprised… adblock here I come.


Yeah gone, gone from your knowledge of it’s whereabouts. It’s probably somewhere else now. xD

Get adblock, it’s a life changer. (for some reason i had mine On on black mesa…:I…)


God damn it social media is starting to annoy me in more ways than one. VET THE FUCKING SOURCE BEFORE YOU BELIEVE IT! /facetodesk


I wholeheartedly agree. What happened to the days when people actually bothered to verify something before believing it like it was indisputable fact or denying it like it was completely made up?

This is the biggest reason why I avoid social media like the plague.


Those days never existed. It’s just that before we never had any social media in the same scale that we do now.

But yes, fake news site are bad. I love the fact that we have a few pages in sweden, where at the bottom of the page it says “THIS IS A PARODY SITE”
and people are still linking to it as it’s facts…


Sadly, I’m not surprised.

Also, how ignorant do you have to be to link to a website which clearly states that it’s a parody site as if it were factual? Do we have to start installing devices on these people’s computers that hit them over the head and read it to them out loud?

Hang on a minute, I just had an idea…


Last night my left mouse button stopped registering clicks correctly (requiring extra force to get a result).
Had to open up the mouse and the button switch to re-tension the spring. Think it’s working reasonably well now…
Mouse feet are a bit battered after taking them off to reach the screws, might have to replace them.


My left click is now double-clicking if not pressed right.
I’ll get a new one soon.


How do you press a left click right?


Some mouses like mine, have the entire top plastic as one piece.
This isn’t a bad idea, but cheaply made ones are.
So if i click the button in the middle of the mouse, where the plastic begins to separate,
it double-clicks.