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What the fuck is it about inclement weather that turns people into fucking idiots?

I get it. It isn’t snowing atm. That does not give you a fucking excuse to park 2 feet into another parking spot. Stay. In. Your. Fucking. Line. I don’t care if you have to get out, worm out if its that fucking bad OR MOVE TO ANOTHER SPOT. It doesn’t help I’m driving a fucking pickup now that’s around twice the size the tiny compact I was driving previously.


It brings out the best in us all.


Update on idiot sibling.

Sooo he’s wanting to get married to this fucking woman now… god damn it, and its at the end of the fucking year. Mother. Fucker.

For the people who don’t know: This woman is 20 years my brother’s senior (he’s younger than I am). And for whatever fucking reason I can’t fathom I just cannot bring myself to like this woman in anyway. Not because her personality rubs me the wrong way or because of her baggage (kids). There is something about her that I can’t pin the fuck down that I have a thorough disdain for.

Couple that with my resentment for said sibling for taking this fucking path and I thought for sure it was going to be next year or so by the fucking time this shit would be going down (the wedding) that I would have to deal with this on my own terms and have settled my own issues with the matter. But fucking no. He’s rushing into something that he doesn’t know the fucking consequences for for years to fucking come.

Annnd I’m forced to go to this fucking thing and I can’t fucking protest it in anyway because I’ll estrange the rest of my fucking family from me if I fucking do (which I honestly wouldn’t give so much of a flying fuck about if I didn’t want to deal with them on a daily basis). Suffice to say I’m not happy.

If its any clarification with how pissed off I am about this; let’s say I had to walk out of a holiday dinner when I had to sit at the same table as this woman and her fucking spawn at least 3 times because I was afraid I’d make a fucking scene. Multiply that anger by 10 fold.


Welp Double-post, I don’t care.

TL;DR: Grandmother on my mother’s side is dying.

I received some news today that my grandmother’s not going to be recovering from her latest bout of illness and there’s nothing they can do. She has fluid build up in her lungs and could die any day now.

I saw this coming a mile away, so its not affecting me much, couple that with my experiences of already losing loved ones, this isn’t my first rodeo. It goes to show how cold I’ve grown to this I suppose. Though how well I’m taking this is a little disturbing to myself.


My condoleances (possibly in advance).


My body is an indecisive asshole and I lost 3 hours of sleep because it couldn’t decide if it wanted to vomit or not. Had all the warning signs, including preliminary heaves, only to come up dry, then repeat the process all night.
If you’re gonna do it, get on with it, if not, don’t press the panic button, you little shit.


Don’t you love it when you get food-poisoning and your workplace’s plumbing is frozen / OOC, and you’re sitting in a port-a-john outside, oozing from one end and drooling from the other into the plastic urinal beside you, hoping to vomit?


We had an athletics day where i was, once again, sitting on the sidelines cheering (not really) my mates to win.
But, in an interesting turn of events, one of the younger students had the bright idea to squish his water bottle to eject water onto his friends.
Almost all of that water landed on me and my friend beside me. It was even worse, too, since my friend was playing with a pen that was a battery.
Soon after, some other person decided to splash water from his water bottle onto his friend as well. Guess who that hit? My friend with the battery-pen.

Some people…


My first girlfriend pushed me into a pool, and you don’t see me complaining.

(Then again, that was before everyone carried cell phones, so there was none of that to worry about.)


Welp I’ve been up since 4AM, come to find out (and I suspected it once the phone rang at that time too), that my Grandmother’s now dead. So yeah, Grandparent is now dead. Her way to go was slow and agonizing.

Doesn’t help I decided to help work on the fucking truck to install window motors and automatic locks (it didn’t come stock, we’re modding it so it does). Its OH SO FUN. I’m out in the heat half the fucking day and I haven’t slept at all…


I seem to have lost my school device. Great.
I have two thoughts about where it is, and I looked up one of the places and it’s not there. My second thought is the classroom where I was last there.
Now, I wonder if a cunt of a student has found it and stolen it, or a great person has found it and placed it in the Lost and Found boxes.

That device had everything on it, from work to funny pictures and shitty drawings on it.

edit: i found it, yes



Its just a cold, and not a bad one at that just a sore throat and a slight cough.


My sympathies for your cough, but I think you have the most posts in this thread, so…


you know, most topics like this die out around page five this one is at page 178… I think that is rage worthy.


Wanted to rage about something, forgot what it was, so now i’m raging about what i forgot.


Being the boss of an office filled with women sucks. THE DRAMA IS KILLING ME!

need to find a new job.


set up webcams stream drama to the net, win/win. either dram stops do to being recorded or you make ad money from drama.

though that would require a notice stating you are being recorded.


4th amendment. She’d be liable.


Just fire an underperformer or two and hire men in their place? (Wait, is that legal to do)


not if they catch me firing them cuz they are dumb bimbos that insist on having a pissing contest. News flash ladies, you both suck and have pee on your legs!