The Rage Topic


-not really rage but can’t post this on happy topic or general chit chat cause it is abit rage.-

today I go to social security for an appointment on disability. I am 24 freaking years old and yet I am already useless to the world. This sucks in every way i can. And it got me thinking in my life so far I have done almost nothing yeah sure I am 24 that is to be expected but then you look at fact that I am mentaly handy capped and well all hope goes down the drain.

To anyone that wants to know, I am autistic, schizoid, manic depressive, and a diagnosed psychopath. I literly profile like a serial killer to some people which is a bit strange to explain when some one catches onto my personality flaws. I am so flawed that where I live says yeah we want him away from other people and he can not work with other people (hence the disability, which I am locked into).

So that leaves me here at 24 years old knowing that my life offline is only down hill from here, and my life online is just messed up. that said there is some good in my life, In my life so far I have managed to help do voxel work for a game (running with rifles, seriously 1/5 of that games weapons are my work… for base game not DLC, the DLC is done by another mod team), I do RPG maker work for a specific comunity which I am not mentioning here though anyone with a brain can track down who I am… I don’t hide shit, and some how I have gotten contacts with game devs despite the fact I am a no one who jsut posts bad ideas pretty much everyhwere. I guess when you fire shotgun at a dartboard atleast one pellet hits bullseye.

My life seems to be strange, fucked up, and broken. and yet I spend most of it in one room infront of a computer where no one really knows much about me. I vent to random people online and more then a few people who are my friends online know alot more about me then they want to. hell the one comunity I am really apart of sees me as normal even though they know that I am one bad moment away from blowing my brains out if I forget my medication.

life is strange, I needed to vent. this post has no meaning but read into it what you want.

on an unrelated note, I want me raging furry tag back where houndeye is. that was fun. oh well I will just rage about not having that. (even though I only had it for what 2 days when the original rage topic was made)


Maybe capitalise on this strength?


uh, no. I am already a redneck, if I capitalize on that some jack ass will shoot me.


My ex girlfriend got the password to my phone and deleted pictures from it. I’ve known her for years, we dated for a couple years, then FWBed later on. I thought I could trust her. I was wrong.

She is no longer my friend.



Deleted photos?

That’s hardly anything.


Were they nude pics 8| If so she had every right.
Change your password, never give it out and always backup your shit.


Exactly, the pics were either of other people (her being jealous) or of herself (which she seems entitled to delete), so in either case quit your bitching.


Other people (and non lewd at that), and I never gave her the password. She figured it out and got in without my knowing. (She didn’t even delete lewds she’d sent me, she was basically trying to punish me for talking to women that weren’t her.) Tbh I wasn’t mad about the photos themselves, just the lack of respect for my privacy and consent. Not even the worst thing she’s done, but I’ve had enough.


I fucking hate the gaming community.
Yes, it sucks that Xen was delayed. But there are a bunch of new features on their way in the meantime, and hey, AT LEAST THERE’S A FUCKING GAME AND IT’S BEING ACTIVELY DEVELOPED!
Valve doesn’t even bother pretending they do that anymore, but CC is actually making it happen. Fucking sit down and stop complaining about delays. This shit happens and if you’ve ever played a goddamn game before you should know this by now. Just let the devs do their jobs without jumping down their throats.

Jesus, I’m not even the target of this shit and it’s making me lose motivation to work on my BM map. Little shits don’t deserve even third-party content if they’re going to be assholes.


Not surprised there’s a firestorm. Meanwhile, all us oldies have been waiting since 2004 and we’re so committed that it doesn’t even faze us.


I´m guessing you made the mistake of reading comments in Steam discussions? I did too. I always do. And I always know it´s a mistake but there I am, reading comments, probably growing cancer in my brain until it bursts out of my ears. But there I am and there I will always return… There also might be something wrong with me.


I admit I am a little annoyed by it, but it’s less due to it being pushed back and more due to not being told until a week before the release window. This happened to me earlier with another game and it was annoying there too. I feel like if it’s going to take enough work to be delayed for as long as it seems, then they should have known the point that they were behind schedule way earlier than this.


I forgot there was a release window. I bet they forgot, too.

Be happy they caught it before that supposed release date, and all the false excitement that would have arisen on it.


Assholes are a small, albeit vocal, part of the gaming universe. I blame bad parenting/single parent homes, corn syrup, lack of exercise, ignorance, fakebook and the relative anonymity of the intarweb.

You’re right, the douchebags don’t deserve your hard work much less your toenail clippings. But the rest of the gaming world does and appreciates what modders like CC and yourself produce.

PS For every craptacular steam forum comment there are twice as many positive ones.


I will drink to that. I have been posting in TF2, and a total of 5 people will constantly harass anyone that has opinions that are not their own no mater what. and the moderators tend to ignore them even when one outright sent me a freaking death threat. and I “its ok because they deleted it” bull shit.

but there are more possitive people out there, the thing is most avoid the steam forums like the plague it is.

EDIT: hell there are a lot of game devs who out right tell their community not to use the steam forums do to the toxicity of them.


Jsut got a warning on the steam forums for talking about pot. because it is “illigal” do steam forum moderators not realize that in several places it is now legal?


Do you realize that in the majority of places it is still illegal. That drug is bad for young developing humans and does not need to be discussed on a gaming forum.


That is because second hand exposer to most things has a bad effect on people. smoke is bad in general do to the fact that it has a lot of toxins in it. hell second hand smoke from a freaking water vape can cause health effects. that said there is some link to pot and decreased IQ but it is about the same as some one who drinks so no worse then alcohol aka should be regulated.

Anyway I am more mad because the post wasn’t even really about pot it was people joking around.


Wow. Pot hater here and even I think that is the most stupidest ludicrous idiotic thing I have ever heard. Steam forums have gotten extra salty over the years. I havent been there in years myself, and this certainly gives me no reason to check in.


Not so much rage, more like meh.

Got the news I have two weeks left at the current job. Oh well, it’s christmas and I don’t have to work. So that sucks.
Also spilled water at laptop before I got the news. Maybe my brain knew the future and was angry.

At least Life is strange episode 3 comes out in a few min. Time to make my mood really shite. :slight_smile: