The S-B-R-D Project a.k.a The re-add the HLDM maps that never got into BMDM Project


[align=center][attach=5608,none,783][/attach][/align]From that guy who wanted to re-create Opposing Force with BM’s Assets and Engine yet never made it because of time, pressure and because he’s not even a professional, I present to you: The S-B-R-D Project a.k.a The re-add the HLDM maps that never got into BMDMProject

The S-B-R-D Project, aims to re-add all the four maps of HLDM that naver made it into BMDM; namely Snarkpit, Bootcamp, Rapidcore and Datacore, as new, polished and faithful recreations made with Black Mesa’s assets and with several custom-made assets made by the team.
To put it simply, this thread is made for the purpose of sharing media the involves the current state of development in this community project. This project however, still needs permission for both the BM Team and the BMMP Team to be approved due to certain conditions and that this project may affect the development for BMMP, Hoping for Crowbar Collective’s kind consideration upon this matter.

[b]S-B-R-D Development Team (As of 12/17/2017)

Project Lead and Lead Level Designer (S TEAM)[/b]: @Ikkosen



What maps would be those ?




These maps are only temporarily not added to the official game, which does not mean no. I do believe they’ll be added someday after Xen is done.
But I’m still looking for your version. Come on!


Yeah but as stated above the thread, I will still need to ask permission from the developers including @TextFAMGUY1, @Fr0z3n and the rest of the MP Team if they approve this project or it will affect the work for MP due to ‘that’ reason. I will be busy anyway lewding the Dokis and some of this year’s best grills (except Astolfo) so I may find some time to talk about this with them.


I’m interested, but check with the BMMP team first. No point in wasting everybody’s time.


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/now awaiting further data…

@Admiral Sakai @Crypt, look who’s improving now…


Looks like a very early, very low-detail ‘blocking-out’ of the level. Which is by no means a bad thing to have, but (especially since the area seen is so small) doesn’t give me a whole lot to go on other than the level looking pretty well grid-aligned based on the textures (although what’s with those models on the catwalk which are steadily decreasing in height?). Perhaps a top-down diagram of the entire level or some indication of what various areas are supposed to be/do would be more helpful at this stage.


Why was I tagged in this as if I’m the arbiter of Source engine skill progression, I don’t even know who you are or what I’m talking about

Nice work with your early Snark Pit blockout, I guess? It doesn’t look immediately awful but it does look awfully Unsealed or structured.


You don’t need our blessing for workshop maps. Do entirely as you wish! Even if we ended up doing the maps at some point, having multiple interpretations doesn’t hurt, and we never had a problem with that.

We have internally done versions of all 4 maps:

  • Datacore never really made it past the drawing board stage. We found its gameplay to be really dull and uninteresting, and didn’t deem it worthwhile to pursue.
  • Rapidcore and Snarkpit ended up with unpolished blockout versions. Rapidcore had around 4 iterations - 2 close remakes, and 2 radical redoes. We didn’t like ANY of them, so never took those further either. One Rapidcore iteration got arted to a decent degree before we decided to drop it. Snarkpit didn’t get quite as far, but we never liked it much either. Again, we felt that none of these maps offered particularly interesting gameplay spaces beyond simple 1998 corridors. We knew that Rapidcore was a very popular HL1DM map, which is why we tried so many versions of it, but it just never really clicked with our design principles.
  • Bootcamp has an internally complete blockout. We were very happy with how this one turned out (it got the full BMS MP treatment - a nice remake of the original with our own tweaked layout). We had a theme and an aesthetic we were ready to follow. But we decided to not go through with it, and knuckled down on Xen instead. This one may see the light of day at some point in the distant future, but it is rather unlikely. We were ready to finish this one, but we didn’t have the time/resources for it.
  • BONUS MAP - Fury (which you missed out!) had a really old version that was dropped a long time ago, for the same reasons as Rapidcore/Snarkpit. I have a VMF buried deep somewhere in my system!
    That’s it, really. Of all the maps, Bootcamp is the only one with any real chance of us doing it in the future, and even then I’d say it’s unlikely.


Will the maps or media relating thereto eventually be released as reference?


FEB 18, 2017. Plans of Opposing Force Remake in Black Mesa Thread.

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Thanks for the approval, I was going to ask this formally to either an of you guys in the MP Team or to Mr. Engels himself so that I may know if this plan might affect the development timeline for BMMP since there’s was no Updates that invlolves MP except bug fixes and probably the X – is canceled thing.

And, can I ask for some juicy screenshots for these blockouts so that I can use them as references? Thanks in advance.


I would love to see the Boot Camp version from the devs. Its anice and large Map. All other Maps are very little and end up in chaos when the server have more than 12 players.


I’ve been busy for the past few months, and with creative block hitting me like puberty, I wasn’t able to produce anything. Up until now…


Well obviously this is just starting out but I think it’s a decent very early design. I typically do this sort of design just on pen and paper or in a vector drawing program, but there’s nothing wrong with using Hammer brushes for it.

One thing I’m wondering about is what you plan to do with those large flat areas on the top and bottom. At this point it’s not super-clear what each part of the map actually signifies; are these storage areas or a tram station or something?


I’m actually the type to rush into designing without proper preparations like layouts, whatsoever. Kinda the reason why I was never to produce anytjing for the past three months. That and not being able to log-in into forums because I forgot my password again. I wanted to continue the project because I already gave up with the OP4 remake project (I’m way behind schedule and I realized that the project was too ambitious for me) but in those three months, I learned a lot from watching TopHattWaffle, Dredile, DeSinc and 3kiliksphillip.