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Makes you wonder how that happened…?


I wonder if the tumblr meltdown was manufactured to distract people from article 13 like how Nintendo manufactured the Bowsette meme to distract from their shitty online service



So is this what a modern message board looks like? Neat.


Journey is coming to PC via the Epic Store.


Journey is one of maybe three games I would consider buying a console for.


Merry Xmas to everybody!
May Santa Steam bring you lots of toys!



I went to that Dragon Ball movie on Thursday night. Full thoughts spoilered.

I’m going to put some numbers before opinions because that structures things better and I don’t want to bother categorizing them.

1 Obviously, the animation was incredible. I loved pretty much every aspect of it. The fighting was great obviously (if surprisingly difficult to comprehend during Shida’s sequence, which I thought I’d like more than I did), but I especially appreciated the character acting during the dialogue sequences. Goku, Vegeta, Broly, Cheelai, Freeza and Beerus were all so full of life. I am so glad we’ve moved away from Yamamuro’s designs, he has regressed so much.

2 Actually, I don’t love the line filtering they’ve been doing since the ToP arc. It made sense for a show whose designs and production were so fucked that it covered up inconsistencies, but here I think it actually makes things look rougher around the edges than they need to. Regardless, it was still a visual thrillride.

3 I thought it’d be Cheelai, but I actually for some reason really liked Lemo in particular. I expected him to be this grumpy old man who says “no” to everything-type character, but he ended up being agreeable and relatable. He’s just a guy trying to keep his head down and live his life, but he’s not dismissive of Cheelai and Broly, nor does he refuse to get things moving when he realizes shit is fucked.

4 One of the blaster sound effects early in the film was the same as this Star Wars one. That was weird.

5 The dub was mostly good. I can’t compare accuracy having not watched the Japanese version, but I think most of the main cast did a good job. To be honest though…I like Vic Mignogna, but he fucking sucks at screaming. For real. His screams were so lame, even compared to Goku and Vegeta’s. Also, they didn’t put the stupid echo thing from Super on the screams, can they ALSO stop doing it in the regular series? Also, the acting on a lot of the flashback characters was kind of poor. All the saiyan doctors had weird accents, and the kid versions of Vegeta and Raditz just sounded off.

6 Freeza is the best character in this movie.

7 I heard the “who are we supposed to be rooting for” and “tonally inconsistent” comments from Ajay made me think it’d be an issue I’d notice immediately during the Gogeta sequence, but as it happened I feel like it actually was supposed to transition from Gogeta being awesome to Broly being in danger. When Gogeta first shows up it’s all triumphant, and he does cool shit and looks cool, but then the scene with Cheelai and Lemo getting the Dragon Balls and trying to save him happens, and the music shifts and Gogeta gets drawn with these insane exaggerated expressions and Broly is barely even fighting back. The only thing stopping me from saying that it was intended for you to actually want to see Broly make it out okay here is that it’s not acknowledged in-universe in any way. I didn’t have nearly the issue with it that I thought I would.

8 Tarble is mentioned, and that sucks. Tarble sucks. They tried making a better Tarble with Cabba, and he sucked. Stop mentioning Tarble in your work if you’re not gonna make him good, Toriyama.

9 The CG was very noticeable. On the characters it looked okay, but the environments looked no different from the awkwardly-realistic ones of Battle of Gods. They really did improve over RoF but they poured it all into character design so it looked a little bit like the 2D characters were superimposed onto photographs at points, and it got a little distracting.

10 It was fun.

TL;DR it’s distinctly the most “Dragon Ball”-feeling and looking thing I’ve seen in a very long time. the visuals and presentation are absolutely gorgeous in every way, the characters feel more like themselves than they ever did in Super, and it made me care about Broly. Fucking BROLY was the protagonist of the film and it’s probably the best film in the series (barring maybe Battle of Gods, from a script standpoint).

If you have even the slightest care for Dragon Ball, you HAVE to see this thing in theaters.



Ah freemans mind. I love how he is extending the maps. Can’t wait till Ross gets it to the point with the gun on the airboat.




Hey not sure who would even remember me on this forum at all, but I don’t know this community meant a lot to me as a dumb angsty teenage kid and I wanted to say thanks to everyone from the old days (not even as old as some have been here think I joined in late 07 or 08). I’ve gone through a lot and a lot of friendships I made through Black Mesa meant a lot to me even if I just thought of you guys as user icons and words on a screen, it was comforting to be able to express myself here. So thanks I guess.


Yeah, I spent a lot of time here, though I was a pretty dumb kid and got made fun of a lot. There’s some weird memories for you.

On an oddly related note, looks like the Halo MCC is coming to Steam.

Guess I can’t wait to play Halo 4 on my PC after all…


Would love to hear peoples memories I struggle remember too much of what I did on the forums honestly. Once I started chatting on the steam group I went pretty silent on the forums.


Somewhere in the depths of my computer, I bet I have an old mashup of pictures of the black mesa forum users. :wink:


Can I reasonably assume you have a single file dedicated to Raminator’s numerous Avatars before he left?


Alas… no. I didnt save those. Only the “post your picture” pictures.