The Unofficial Official Chat Thread

Was formerly known as MisterDigitalGuy, think I last was on in like, 2017

Big titty goth trans anime furry communist gamer GF is the new big titty goth GF

uh… you ok Shaddy?

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This place pick up at all from the Half Life: Alyx announcement?

Not sure if speaking gibberish or smoked something…

I caved and bought a headset…

I’m pretty sure I’d need a full on computer upgrade along with the headset, depending on the specs.

I might mooch one of my friends’ VR headsets until I get the cash to get me a VR ready PC 'cause man I wanna play it

To give you a ball park: Min requirement for HL:A requires a GTX 1060. I got a 1070, so I barely meet the requirements.

You can get a cheap one used for like $300 if you check around on the usual sites (E-Bay, etc). I spent $1k on mine. I didn’t want used or second hand, and it was the best brand-new kit on the market (being the Index). It wasn’t cheap.

So…how’s everyone doing? Not sure if anyone remembers me. I used to be active from around 2005 until the end of the Gamernode days (any way of viewing posts from back then?). Then adulthood hit me and I got busy and I lost touch with BMS. Great to see such awesome progress on the mod though, I’m really excited for the full release.

EDIT: Just saw I can go back into my post history from 2010. Wow what a blast from the past.

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oh geez it’s out

I think I’ve been following this project for 14 years?

A toast to Black Mesa.

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Hi guys. Just thought I’d pop in to say it’s pretty awesome that the game is finally complete ~15 years after I discovered the project.
Thanks devs!

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The Missile Knows Where it Is.

I saw that new Star Wars movie. I somehow really liked it even though it completely stepped all over everything that was good about the last one and felt the need to spit on all of it’s themes.

Just finished and watched the credits roll from that Black Mesa game-a-majig.
Feels me with a certain kind of sadness to be honest.

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This “release” somehow both excited me and now fills me with nothing but anger and sadness.

Are you guys really gonna let yourselves get cucked like that?

I’m gonna petition to undo the UC music track changes until either they fucking fix it or I’m getting myself banned.

Fuck you and happy new year!

I didn’t notice anything about music in UC. Then again I hadn’t played in two years so whatever it was before wasn’t fresh in my mind.


Latest build changes the track that plays right after the resonanse cascade too but I don’t mind it too much, I think they should have left this elevator part alone though, there are plenty of other opportunities to add music to, if they wanted to keep the original post-cascade theme in the game somehow.

Huh yeah, that music really doesn’t fit there, does it. It’s bleak revelation music, and going down the darkly silly headcrab slide isn’t really a bleakly relevatory moment either in the original or in Black Mesa.

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Meh… I like the music change. That part always terrified me with doom and gloom and the peppy music irritated me. I like the change.

Same here. I’m not a big fan of the new track, but it fits that part of the game’s atmosphere way better than the old one. It’s creepy, it’s scary, you are descending down the bowels of Black Mesa and you don’t know when you’ll see the sun again. You need gloomy music here and I don’t think the old one did the job. That’s just my opinion tho.
And of course, the original HL music is still the best! :stuck_out_tongue: