The Unofficial Official Chat Thread


Maxey, you are a Gargantua. :smiley:

Well, a clean wipe. Looks like we gotta start acting like a proper forum now. :b


I’m gonna miss the shit that was this forums :frowning:


Is there a hierarchy here?
Never noticed it before…


Roosters and stuff.


Yup…good times…good times… :frowning:


What I will miss the most is the weekly “Is it dead” thread… :frowning:


It’s gnomes now!


Eh, I’m sure there will be a weekly “Is it Xen yet” thread for the old guard to beat down before long. :smiley:


Hey, just because it’s released doesn’t mean we can’t ask whether it’s dead!
We’ll just ask whether the Xen update is dead.

EDIT: Ninja’d damn it!


Believe me, a lot of us won’t.


Well, now that the forum database has been cleaned up maybe they are indeed taking all necessary measures to avoid any sort of crash tomorrow.


there’s still Xen. Trust me, you won’t be able to miss it for long :slight_smile:


I believe the forum adjustment was to get rid of any offensive material. All content must now be work-safe, and you know very well that the community has skirted on nudity and other questionable content a number of occasions.

Without the wipe, new posters faced with punishment could have referenced older posts with more offensive material and cried unfair treatment.

That being said, I believe the old forums exist archived wholly intact (due to our preserved post-counts), and there’s a possibility that they’re temporarily hidden in order to lessen the amount of fetches as the forums are about to explode.

Alternatively, the old forums were destroyed as result of a conspiracy to cover up the fact that Ryλn is a self-professed rapist.


Hey, TheeGoatPig’s a mod now.


Hey, welcome to last week :wink:


R.I.P old forum posts. Gone are the days of flaming noobs too ignorant to use the forum search question. It was a good forum. It was good to all of us. raisesglassfortoast
R.I.P perma ban log. It grew fatter every day. now it’s gone forever. raisesglassfortoast
R.I.P. Mass Debating Hall. So many panties were twisted in tiny little knots. gone is the ability to ask a black Chinese Muslim Arab Russian Buddhist Mexican American atheist Christian. raisesglassfortoast


Welcome to September 2012. We have things called houses now, they’re better than rocks.


So will the accounts get nuked too, or just post counts ?




When did that happen? So much power!

bans everyone