The Unofficial Official Chat Thread


Dog gonnit I really dont know what else to do. I suppose we can try the question thing again like someone else suggested, but do we really wanna do that? We are limited with our registration options and I am not sure how else to keep the spam at bay.

Edit: oh and by the way, folks can post without registering anyway. I am not sure why the spam artists havent figured that out, but yeah.


The question thing would work against bots but these are real people.

I wish we could have an exponential post timer for new accounts. First post? 30 second timer. If the next post is within the next 5 minutes you have to wait a minute for the 3rd. 2 for the 4th. 4 for the 5th. 8 for the 6th. The faster you try to post the slower the forums get.


My guess is the reCaptcha is too much of a hassle for the spam artists.
You could start a new thread that gave the time when forum registration would be unlocked, The first and 3rd mondays of the month and second thursday and last wednesday, or Some such silliness. I doubt they read posts so it would work for a while,.


I figured if I turned it off for a few weeks or so, that ‘word’ would get out to the spammers that this site is not worth a second look. I was wrong. :frowning:


Yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking.

Another solution may be to get a bot that locks and flags accounts that show signs of spamming…


“Signs of spamming” is subjective. There’s not one catch-all solution.


Except so far there has been one major catch-all.

The Korean alphabet Hangul has been used in the majority of all spam.

Flag and block accounts that use it until a human can review the account.


And you assume that as soon as they notice the pattern they won’t change their font(s).

While I agree the majority of humanity is stupid, there IS a baseline to maintain for humanity as a whole. They’ll get around it. They always do. Its why I said “there is no catch-all solution.” It will only work temporarily.

Short of banning an entire region of IPs, I doubt it’ll keep them out for long.


Don’t know much about forums or servers, but perhaps moving the forum to a new server?

If it works something like changing your PC IP address, it could maybe the solution?


The forum will still have the same URL address, so it won’t make a difference in this instance.


Creating several threads over the span of a few minutes is a pretty good one, but to get past it they’d have to slow down their rate of posting, thus making them more manageable.

Of course, they could bypass that by registering a bunch of alternate accounts, and cycling through them…


Hey now… you may be on to something here…


I don’t really believe in banning people because they happen to live near spammers. But there’s no section of this forum for Korean to be spoken… so that would be my suggestion for the first way to filter posters.


Something to keep in mind should we get desperate.


I don’t think that it is a spam attack as much as it is a targeted attack. Some upset script kiddy who is mad because Black Mesa “reasons…”.
And any spammer worth his weight would hide behind a VPN, so blocking ip’s might not be effective.


So does this forum have a private messaging system or is the ‘wall’ the only thing in our bag of tricks? TGP I wanted to chat real quick with you.


we have pms.


How about a multi-pronged approach. (yes, i know most if not all of these are impossible due to forum software limitations)

  1. Block an ip range
  2. Disable the Korean alphabet, Hangul.
  3. Vary the days that registration is open.
  4. Use reCaptcha login for every post.
  5. Vary and change confirmation questions (who is the baby in gordons locker?) etc.

Why not one or more or both

  1. Block an ip range
    yeahhhh… this is the part that could be successful, but I am leery of banning whole continents. Still, I will have to see if our admin features even allows this, and how it would work. Our administration section is not really intuitive and none of us got a youtube tutorial.

  2. Disable the Korean alphabet, Hangul.
    I kinda like this idea, but again I need to see if and how this would be done.

  3. Vary the days that registration is open.
    Not a fan of this. I am not here often enough to keep on top of it and I dont think it would really help. We dont seem to have very many real people registering very often so this would be a bit of work for little benefit.

  4. Use reCaptcha login for every post.
    Every post? wow. You hate us or something? hahaha! oh wait, you may be onto something. I will hafta look at the captia options to see if this is even a thing.

  5. Vary and change confirmation questions (who is the baby in gordons locker?) etc.
    This would be the most frustrating for our real users and I am not sure I would want to piss them off that much.

All in all, some good ideas here, but it would take some serious knowledge of our admin area and I would hate for one of us to feck something up beyond repair. The last time a group of us moderators tried to get spam under control, masses of accounts got inadvertently deleted. (RIP Raminator) Still… all of this is worth looking at.


How about having some kinda validation forum where you need to have a single (simple) good trial post get approved before you can make more? Even just a “here is what I like about Half-life” thread. You could just auto nuke the thing every couple of days in case that ends up being where the spam is dumped. Retro has something like that, and they’ve progressed so far past shitposts and spam that all that’s left is elitism.