The Unofficial Official Chat Thread



i was going to make the joke “speaking of new members” but i feel like it would have just made me look silly.


I’d be reluctant to do that myself. Its pretty easy as far as I’m aware, you just need to ban the first 3 of an IP address. Just get the right set, you may end up banning half the forum populace with a mistake.


New users require approval, i like that. Elitism be damned.


What’s the chance that someone is reading everything we write here as our plans to safe guard the forum from spammers and allow them to get and advantage?


They can already post with the guest account feature but it requires reCaptcha.
Any barrier, no matter how seemingly benign is enough to send them scurrying.


I wouldn’t be so sure… they’ve been relentless even before the registration was shut down for several months.


Close new registrations forever, it’s just us from now on until the whole thing comes crumbling down.


They’ve added some tricks to it, here’s hoping it works for a while.


Crowbar Collective announces Loot Mesa!


loot mesa announced, Half Life 3 confirmed.


I know it is a joke, but if I do not see that loot box model in xen or atleast one added the the lambda teleport area as it looks like a place the scientists would get their supply containers. I will be disapointed.

Also I want that digital camo glock. I know it is a half assed skin, but damnit I want it. (though I know customs like that would likely ruin the MP, or would they, I mean skins are skins if you can directly unlock them in PvP who wouldn’t use them.)


So I started to check the BMS steam forums, as the devs post there more often.
But geez… reading through all those post…Crikey, now I’m glad this place has become this calm and laid back forum it currently is.


Sadly, there is not a single location where updates and snippets of information reside. Info is scattered between 2 different forums. Here is an example of what I mean Xen 2.0 and prop models.
it is only posted in this forum and probably that’s a good thing because if that had been posted in the Steam forums it would have been besieged by peeps wanting to know more/what media they were going to release and if it would show the new…

It’s probably best to follow one or more devs in the Steam forums like Chon for example

Is there anything you are looking for in particular?


No, not really. I just look around to see what’s interesting.
I read the very same information about following the devs post history on the steam forums, so I started to do that. Thanks for the info! It’s really helpful, as there is some interesting background info scattered through Text’s post. Worthwhile to kill some waiting-for-the-next-update-time.


When I use the Steam sign in button instead of working like it used to I get this message wcf.user.3rdparty.steam.error.deactivated[/size] ?(

Which is fine, it’s just that I had forgot my password. :expressionless:

Anything to block the ‘spammer’ is a good thing in my book! :thumbup: [/size]


wait, so we can’t sign in through steam anymore?


just clicked onto the sight, and got hit by my anti virus and malware going off as koran text appeared. No clue what just happened, but I just had to do a full scan and was afraid to reconnect to this forum.


What does it show in your anti virus and malware reports, logs, history and quarantine?


That is the thing that confuses me IT popped them but there is nothing on the logs. which is why I had to scan. As far as I know it might be them malfunctioning or something on my computer.