The Unofficial Official Chat Thread


Hey guys. I don’t like to beg and stuff, but imma post a link here and ask that if you can donate, please do. If you can’t, please share it. My grandma has cancer, and we’re trying to raise money to help her or at least care for her comfortably.

If you can’t or don’t want to, I totally understand. I wouldn’t try to force you to do it. But if you can’t or don’t want to, can you at least share it? I’d appreciate it.


Sucks. I lost my grandmother just last year, around this time actually. Old age. I hope she pulls through.


Yeah, I’ve already lost one grandma this year, an uncle, and a couple friends. So I’m really hoping she’ll pull through.


I am now licensed, registered, and insured in Florida. Cheap car insurance is saving me $210 a month! my budget is going to feel so relaxed from now on…


Wow… I don’t think I have ever had so much water dumped on me in such a short amount of time as I did leaving the theater tonight, including that time that I was tripped into a swimming pool when I was 12(?).


Welcome to Florida. I used to live in Sarasota.


Oh, I have seen plenty of huge rain storms. I just didn’t have to walk 500 or so feet in any of them before :wink:


Welcome to the tropics.


So North and South Korea are no longer at war… and trump is involved some how.

Ok when did I step into the portal to bazaro world?


You didn’t. Trump hardly did anything as far as I can tell, we can’t be sure this will actually last and similar situations have happened before with basically nothing to come of it.

Not to say it isn’t a big deal (Berlin wall levels of big deal) if it ends up actually leading to real progress and NK becoming less shit, but when the “war” was them glaring at each other on either side of a pile of gravel more than anything else, saying they’re gonna stop doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot.

I mean, that’s my completely ignorant and ill-informed perspective, but fuck it, that’s the way it looks from here


There’s a multitude of reasons; outside pressure, the possible collapse of their nuclear testing site, etc.

I’ll believe it when I see it, NK has a tendency to fly off the handle.


Like when they, uh…

And that one time they… hmm :confused:

I’m not sure what you’re basing your opinions on.


… going into a fit over a fucking Western film making fun of their god emperor and then in-turn threatening to blow up the west coast… Over. A. Fucking. Movie. Fiction.

A Seth Green film no less. I believe it was “The Interview.” I can’t be arsed to research the title. Combine that with their (sometimes justified) sabre rattling, I feel they fly off the handle. Mind you, this is an opinion I hold, not the western world at large.


It’s typical of North Korea to try and “intimidate” other countries in order to get their. Their previous leaders did it, their current does it. It’s a negotiation tactic where they say “give me x or I’ll y” or they’ll do marches or showcase weaponry in order to get attention.

They’re children with guns, far as I can see. That’s my opinion from my time is Seoul a couple years back.


So how many times has everyone seen Infinity War?


zero and never, but gimme spoilers anyways since i don’t care


Don’t cut yourself on that edge, man.


I heard that the Avengers struggle to unite, and take a beating during their war against the infinity stones, until Iron Man overcomes his drinking problem to save the day.


We have a movie topic…

Last Film You Saw

I saw it twice. I loved it.

Part of that is true, part of it is wrong…


The only Marvel movies I watched were the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and that’s because I want to suck Chris Pratt’s dick, but Infinity War seems like it’s got too much required reading that I’m just not all that interested in. I don’t really love Marvel’s action all that much, and their villains (and most women, come to think of it) tend to be rather shallow.