The Unofficial Official Chat Thread


i bought a pink og ds today for $5.

i think this may be the best purchase i’ve ever made in my life.


Man back in the day I wanted a DS so bad, purely to play Nintendogs.

I mean I never did, but a boy can dream.


90% of my time on the DS was just endlessly replaying Kirby games, and a big part of that was even just the GBA ones.


I had Nintendogs when I was like, 10-11. I got so attached to one of my dogs, a golden retriever. I got that dog to #1 in every single competition so many times.

after a while I stopped being able to take it for works or enter competitions because it was too tired. i felt so bad. had i done this?

i loved that dog.

i lost the game.



The spammers are back. At this point I think it might be best to lock the forum its self and direct people to the steam forum. As much as I hate the steam forums This attack is getting annoying.

And at this point I think it is an attack, probibly some asshole in china (cause it is almost always china), hating on the game.


I doubt they care about the content of the forums they spam on.


We’re pretty sure it’s a malicious attack, at this point. There’s no way their spam is paying off with even a single conversion, this is a super low traffic forum.

They’ve circumvented literally every security measure we’ve ever put in place, so we think it’s probably being handled manually.


that’s kinda sad


I have seen attacks like this on the old (now deleted) Gamespy forums (which had way worse moderation tools, I had to delete them all manually).

It is 100% manually done.

The forum they are attacking isn’t as important as how many links they can get up in how short a time.

I don’t think it is about human traffic. I think they are aiming for search bots to up their net profile on Google. I don’t know this for sure, but this is something I have witnessed over the years, and that is my (quite possibly wrong) theory on what is going on.


just a flesh wound, i wear as a badge the final ban of the ‘scat attack’ back from 2010 - 2011 when chief dev Carlos Montero was very active on the forums and that attack clogged the entire old wiki and forums.


Yeah, the forum needs to have things more or less shut down until xen is released you guys can’t keep coming in to fix things it is likely taking time out of everything else not just xen.


The forum moderation team aren’t the same as the development team.


pardon my ask but wtf is this?


back on 2010 this place got a mass upload of a very ‘nasty sh*t fountain’ picture like a thousands times over the old wiki and the forums for an entire day until they shutted down the forums and disable the wiki for the next day, it was a few days later of a large content update, i remember that because i was doing the old thumbnails for the characters wiki.


Ok I have done some research I know what the spammers are doing.

What they are doing is creating references for searches. As topics form this forum are actually put into googles algorithms so they are trying to inflate the search relevance of their site. The only way you can stop them is to do the following make it so that new people have to post in a topic to prove they are not spammers and remove a persons ability to post until their are approved as not a spammer.

Likely they would have to make an application post in a topic that only none approved people can post in or something.


Wouldn’t that lead to spamming normal topics?
Maybe some timers could help, for example for new users: 1 post per hour or only one new topic per day.


I think by “a topic” darkone means one specific topic dedicated to these sort of posts.


nope as the title of the new page needs to have their site on it, spamming in a topic doesn’t add to an algorithm if it did they would also be spamming 4 or 5 replies in each topic they post.


You have a point there, and I bet that would work.

But is this behavior available with this forum software? I have crawled all over the administration section several times over trying to find ways to stop the spam and have not found something like this. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it is just the admin section is massive and difficult to know for sure what some of the things do. Last time I pushed a button, ya’ll got issues with steam login connections. Easily fixed, but it is an example of why I am hesitant to press any buttons due to unforeseen consequences that inevitably happen.


Oh it is in there somewhere, but I have no clue where or how. I just know a few forums I use to visit had functions like that. admittedly they where mostly there to make sure all posters where actually 18+ (not porn).