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Mars Helicopter to Fly on NASA’s Next Red Planet Rover Mission[/size]

“The altitude record for a helicopter flying here on Earth is about 40,000 feet. The atmosphere of Mars is only one percent that of Earth,so when our helicopter is on the Martian surface, it’s already at the Earth equivalent of 100,000 feet up,”
The Mars copter weighs in at little under four pounds (1.8 kilograms). Its fuselage is about the size ofa softball, and its twin, counter-rotating blades will bite into the thin Martian atmosphere at almost 3,000 rpm – about 10 times the rate of a helicopter on Earth.
The helicopter also contains built-in capabilities needed for operation at Mars, including solar cells to charge its lithium-ion batteries.

The Mars Helicopter is considered a high-risk, high-reward project. If it does not work, the Mars 2020 mission will not be impacted.


HOLY CRAP, 40k feet up in a helicopter is nuts, I’ve been up to 15k in a Uh-60 and that was sketchy af. I’m really excited about this, thank you for sharing this! I’ll have to read up on this, I’m curious if it will be launched or attempt to pick straight up. Crazy…


<officially a 19 year-old nerd with no job still living with his parents>


me too, thanks.

happy birthday, also.


I’m mad, Shad. I’m stuck in the past, every time I see you I think “This kid’s like 15” but you’re 19. You’re an adult on paper.

Either way, don’t feel bad about yourself, yo. We’re all nerds, jobs are hard and I know moving out at like 18 is the common thought for the last few decades but that’s just not realistic for a lot of people.

And yeah, welcome to 19! <3


I showed up here as a middle school kid with a Sonic avatar complaining about violent imagery in video games about killing things. I think that alone made a pretty dumb first impression that would make anyone else embarrassed enough to just leave, but then I didn’t. I am completely unsurprised that having been on this forum, this very thread almost exclusively for my entire teenaged life gave off the impression of a dumb teenager on the internet, and it’s harder to get rid of the impression you have of someone when they’re behind a screen. I’m sure if I met Chris Knopps in real life I wouldn’t look at him with the contempt I felt on seeing his shitty posts on SSMB.

It would be a very different type of contempt, because he’d be wearing a MAGA hat and ranting about how diversity ruins video games.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words. I’m honestly pretty comfortable in my situation. I got a job once, I can do it again. I’m taking some classes right now anyway, so I’m not doing absolutely nothing. And honestly the only motive I’ve ever had to move out of my parents’ house is that living independently seems like it’d be a more attractive quality to anyone I’m dating.

Anyway, today was a good birthday. Spent time with my family, watched some HeroAca, bought a nice new pair of headphones.


22 here. No job either. As time moves on you will slowly let go of your dreams and ideas.

But don’t worry, you can make new ones.


I’m 23 and where are all the employers?


You know what i simply love about the system?

How it states that unemployed people should be going out and explore their whole city/town wasting all the time and resources to find a job.

Then why aren’t the companies doing the same?

I can’t say much, since i’m young and only worked two, three jobs. But like, come on.

Every company does not take risks, trying to hire imperfect applicants, giving them a shot.

They take the best possible match and ditch them if a better shows up.


The employers are busy interviewing prospective employees, why aren’t you there?


I’m wondering that myself.

  1. Got a job.
    Looking to move into something I can enjoy.
    Could have a potential lead with a buddy of mine doing contract work with various studios. Depends on how many contracts he gets with E3.
    Working on a game myself using UE4 to fluff a portfolio.
    Going back to school to get a bachelor’s in Comp Sci.

Sounds about right. Oh and rescued a kitten a week ago. Can’t forget the kitten.


I’m 42 and I lived with my parents until 7 months ago.

Jobs aren’t really that hard to find. It’s just a matter of how much bullshit you are willing to put up with for how little pay.


Pretty much. I’m compromising right now, but you bet your ass as soon as I have an out I’m bouncing. Especially if its something I’m familiar with and can make 1.5x+ what I’m making now…


Companies get to be this blase because labor is a commodity and in general there’s waaaay more supply than there is demand. Unemployed people are desperate for jobs, and companies have a glut of often very qualified applicants to choose from. So companies can make applicants jump through tons of hoops, and the applicants will do it, because they’re desperate for the work, and every hoop they’re willing to jump through that the next guy isn’t puts them that little bit further ahead of the pack.

I work in the tech industry, where this is turned completely on its head: the demand for skilled software engineers and other technologists far outstrips the supply. This is why technologist salaries are ballooning out of control and workplaces are getting more and more trendy and inventive to try to attract what little talent there is to work for them instead of someone else. My workplace has three beers and a cider on tap at all times, for example. The companies are the desperate ones, and the technologists, who know they’re needed, can make increasingly ridiculous demands for compensation and workplace accommodations.

I went to college at 18, but then I moved back in with my parents at 23 with no job when my career prospects out of college dried up. I only got steady work at 25, after more school and a few contract gigs. Oh, and I had a STEM degree, too. I’ll be 29 in a couple days.


Largely, you’re correct. You need to have a demonstrable amount of knowledge before you get hired onto those positions.

It aggravates me that I have to jump through so many fucking hoops to even find a fucking job in the field/skill I want. Don’t have a bachelor’s degree? Nope. It makes my blood boil, especially after I pour my heart and soul into the fucking cover letter, showing I have the enthusiasm and willingness to learn. They won’t take the gamble. Only a few interviews and the decision to not move forward.

At the end of the day the burden of proof is on me, its why I’m building a portfolio now, instead of waiting until after I get out of college. If I get that game up and running single-handedly with a partner (or team), I have a platform I can show recruiters/potential employers showing what I’ve done when I get out of college.

So really, in reality, I have no one to blame but myself for the situation I’m in. I’m slowly fixing it myself now that I know better. If you want a job in a tech field, even something gaming related, build a damn portfolio now. It will save you a lot of headaches down the line.


Because apparently they’ve all deemed that my application isn’t worth following up on because I “only” have a bachelor’s degree and not 5-10 years professional experience in whatever the specific job is, regardless of whether it’s skilled industry work or stocking shelves.

Don’t try and feed me some line about “It’s easy to get a job if you just apply everywhere, you lazy shit”, because I have been doing that, for a year, and I’ve only had an employer offer one interview that entire time. Fucking McDonald’s and Wal-Mart wouldn’t give me the time of day when they were down people for multiple positions, let alone anywhere that pays a livable wage and has options for advancement.

But it must be real nice for those of you who live in places where a job market actually exists, I am honestly jealous.


I was stuck in that position for well over a god damn year, don’t get discouraged. I ended up getting my current job because I went out of my way and talked to people at these locations before & after applying online.

Don’t get me wrong, the people I work with are great (with the exception of one or two), but I fucking hate people. The entitled little shits I have to deal with occasionally and I can’t say jack shit to them makes my blood boil… ranting aside, the industry I’m in doesn’t have much room for bullshit… at least when it comes to the parts. Money on the other hand… let’s just say I’ve had the run around more than once.

Job fairs could be a way to find something, events that are in your region (E.G. gaming events for me - E3 is an example), network. Get some contact information on the recruiters (social media company e-mail). What matters is information, if you’re going in blind, you’re at a disadvantage. The vise-versa is also true, write a good cover letter and be exceptionally passionate about it, write about shit you’re passionate about. You won’t get a bite if you don’t write it well.

I was articulate enough to get to the second level and get a programming test from Bethesda about a year or two ago despite being sorely under qualified for the position. That was due in part to my cover letter. It didn’t go anywhere, but that was because I didn’t make the cut and didn’t have enough knowledge.

TL;DR: Be tenacious, but don’t harass the recruiter. Find a good balance and do your research on the position you’re looking for and you’re enthusiastic about it, show that you’re willing to learn and back it up with proof you have the skills you have, a public record of what it is. E.G. A Git Hub of your code (as a programmer) or an Art Station profile (as an artist).

The job market depends on your locale. If it doesn’t exist, move to one that you can find one in or advertise your skills on the 'net. Sometimes, especially when it comes to tech work, they can let it slide and let you work from home.


I said there were shit jobs out there if you are willing to work for shit wages and shit hours, probably working for shit people doing shit work.

I didn’t say you would or even should ever look for those jobs. I just said they are there.

And they are shit.


pft… I was two years unemployed and I TRIED to get those chit jobs, but they wouldn’t have me. My lowest point ever was applying for and doing everything I could to get a walmart cashier job that is 1/4 mile away. They didnt hire me. Wanna know who they DID hire? Disabled great grandma June Cleaver, Juanita Gonzalez, and Shaniqua Johnson. I did not meet any of their “affirmative action” criteria, therefore I was not good enough to make the cut. I am not bitter.


If the employed has to file a tax return for the job than you are aiming higher than I am talking about.

I am talking about the cleaning service that only charges $20 because no one on the team is a legal citizen. I’m talking about hanging out at Home Depot at 5:00 am to be picked up as a day laborer. I am talking about stuff that a chaingang would be ashamed to do.