The Unofficial Official Chat Thread


I’ll leave this here.

TL;DR: TB is dead. Lost his battle with cancer.


He had colon cancer too? shucks. That poor guy.

Just found out last week that mine is back too. :s igh: Cancer sux.


Shit >< how bad is it this time?


Mm. Well I hope you get better Catz. Cancer’s a nasty disease.


There is one on my lung that is rather small and appears to be kinda easy to get to so surgery for that would seem good. However, there are also two spots on the liver, one of which is hiding in between the two main arteries that feed the liver. So it makes it difficult to hone in on them without the arteries getting in the way.

Doc wants me to do more chemo to try to stifle any remaining cells floating around, but I am done with that. Chemo treats but it is not a cure. It also disrupted so much of my life that I really don’t think it is a good plan. I left a message for the doc to let him know that I am not doing chemo, and that he needs to come up with an alternative plan.

Such is life. Cancer sucks. And there it is.

Meanwhile, I got a stripe last night in Karate class! They like my stances and forms so I got that going for me. :wink:



Cancer indeed sucks hard balls.
On a similar note, the “Queen of Shitty Robots” is undergoing a surgery right now to remove a brain tumor inside her head. I hope she gets through it well.


I saw that as well. I am sending warm thoughts and prayers her way. Brain tumor. Man. The only other super scary one than that would be bone cancer. Ugh. Have you seen pictures of that? :s hiver:


I do my best to avoid pictures of that kind of stuff. It fucks me up way too much.


What Catz?!? Please noo, you were fighting so good against it. Fiddlesticks.

Here is some good news for me to spread. I got hired for a storage grunt at a Škoda dealer.
It’s a part of the Porsche Holding Salzburg company, so if i do my best i can get a pretty well paid job in the future.


These days, it is always best to find employment where room to grow is available! Good jorb Johnwalter! And thank you for your kind regards. It is what it is.


Thanks, i’ll need it.


My former coworker from up north came down this week and we hung out and saw a movie the other day. It was nice doing something social for the first time since last year.


…it’s June…


Yes. And the person I hung out with on Thursday was the same person I hung out with back in December.

I don’t have a social life down here in Florida.


So… Is she doing well? (Your mom?)


My former coworker is Dan. I haven’t seen my mother since November. she hasn’t been down here since her brother died before I was ever even here.


So E3, anyone?
Again I’m so dazzled by Death Stranding. Can’t wait to play it some time.

Awesome cast! Also The Last of us Part II looks amazing, too. I gotta say, Games that are driven by a gripping story do catch me the most. To be fair, DS is just dropping so little of its story, but it does it so well that at least I find myself dying to find out more about this game. What were your personal favorites so far?

Oh, also Doom Eternal. That followed kinda quick, didn’t it? Looks awesome, tho.


I’m super looking forward to TLoU2 and DooM: Eternal. That meaty base line gave me a huuugggeeee eargasm, and it’s gonna be great ripping and tearing through all these old/new enemies.

Looking forward to Battlefield V and Fallout 76 too, but I’m not pre-ordering 76. I have some concerns about how it’s gonna pan out, with griefers and all. My number one reason I hate games like Rust and Ark is cause some douchecock who has nothing better to do will always ruin the fun by griefing everyone till they quit. Not losing your progress is great, but that doesn’t mean getting your ass capped as soon as you exit the vault is gonna be any fun.

Also, lack of NPC’s, I feel, is gonna impact the story. I understand WHY there aren’t any, but a huge aspect of the previous games were dialogue and quest givers and such. I dunno if it’ll pan out well in that department, but we’ll see.


This is what I’m excited about
The developers comments even sound familiar
1. When?

When we told you we would only release the game when it’s ready, we
meant it. We’re definitely much closer to a realease date than we were
back then :slight_smile: , but it’s still not the time to confirm anything, so
patience is still required. Quality is the only thing that drives us –
it’s the beauty of being an independent studio and your own publisher.