The Unofficial Official Chat Thread


The Heavy Breathing category:

Death Stranding
Metro Exodus (yes i know, same graphics, physics and sounds, but hey it’s good and there more of it)
Cyberpunk 2077
Doom Eternal

The Expecting “No Mans Sky” outcome:

Beyond Good and Evil 2


Death Stranding looks cool, I’m excited for TES6 and maybe Starfield and Doom. Course, I’m mostly a Nintendo guy, so my big highlights are FighterZ and Smash on Switch, as well as Sumo Sonic Racer #3. I really wish we’d gotten to see Prime 4 this year. If that’d been there I would have said Nintendo was the best, right now I’m thinking Bethesda had the most solidity, even if I’m not into Fallout.


That leaked Nintendo press sheet was pretty well fabricated. I was REALLY hoping for an F-Zero announcement D:


TES VI and Starfield got me hyped too. Honestly, Bethesda had a good showcase this year. I kinda was holding out hope for a remastered Fallout 3, even tho I know it’s highly unlikely to happen.

Oh, and fingers crossed on that new dying light, that the parkour is as advertised. If it is, it’ll blow me away.


Technically it’s not new, I just didn’t know about it beforehand - Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

The new trailer for it looks awesome and I’m super super excited for it. Looks like the combat will be made slightly more indepth which I’m stoked about since that was my only/main let down with OatBF.


The new prey DLC sounds good, from what I’ve heard. Been meaning to buy prey for a while now…
Same for Doom: eternal. It sounds like it’s going to be really good (especially if they took a lot of the feedback on Doom 2016 into account.) It’s kind of funny that the reboot series is following the same general story ark of the original doom games, but anything less would have been a letdown, and anything more would have been uncharacteristicly plot heavy.
I am rather intrigued by 76. As it was pointed out, there will likely be many griefers, but I imagine that might enhance the game to some degree, creating the amount of suspicion that one might expect from a post apocalyptic wasteland. Furthermore, fear of greifers getting launch codes may lead to people deliberately fortify nuclear launch sites, which may create a certain amount of tension. I think this has the potential for an interesting meta-game.
Of course, the big one in my opinion is cyberpunk 2077. It sounds like almost everything anyone would want out of a game, enough so that it’s almost worth a degree of suspicion, however I have heard many good things about the Witcher III, so I suppose it’s in rather competent hands.

Edit; Very competent hands.


Just saw Incredibles 2 and it was fantastic and Helen is somehow even hotter, really great visuals and use of the score especially. I wouldn’t have seen the twist coming either if it hadn’t been spoiled for me.

lazy meme edit unrelated


and to think if I hadn’t have decided to log in this exact day to see what was happening here, I wouldn’t have accidentally learned a certain movie has a twist ending before I go and see it.



17 obscure Steam tips and tricks that can power up your PC gaming


Friends->Settings->“Display a notification when a friend joins a game” should be mandatory for all streamers to uncheck.


You never know what you might come across.
I had no idea this stuff was out there. happy happy joy joy


I tried to watch Dragon ball GT a couple times

every villain has this face


been going to classes on some tech stuff for past 3 weeks, i miss this place

how are you all doing


I have a new larger apartment lined up. I start moving in September 1. I will have room for my electric drum set finally and will be able to play again for the first time in years…

And then I go on vacation a week later.


sounds really nice, glad to hear everything is working out so nicely, at least on the material front.

It’s been over six month now since we moved to Brazil. We’re still struggling to get a foot on the ground and find some descent and well paid work. Our day-to-day routine is also a bit slow atm as we still have a one-year old at home who doesn’t go to Kindergarten yet, having very few time left to actually sit down and get shit done. So I’m looking to find some opportunities in teaching German and even English, which is most commonly asked for here (although I never taught any of these languages). Also I’m trying to find a job which is more in my line of work (landscape architecture). Apart from that, we had some ideas for opening up our own place (which was kinda always our dream), but this has been discouraged from multiple fronts (basically we were told that it is not a really good time to invest in Brazil) so we need to focus on something else. It’s all a bit frustrating and sometimes there comes this thought creeping in questioning the decision to move here. It’s starting to wear on our nerves. But i kinda don’t wanna give up on it yet, I don’t think we tried everything yet.

anyway, it’s a shame this place has quiet down so much, but I guess it was kinda inevitable. I still keep chekcing this place on a daily basis, tho.


BoJack Horseman is a good show


i keep forgetting this thread exists
i guess shaddy’s a good reminder of that


i just dont want to be alone


Being alone is sometimes a good thing… you can be productive.


you and i may have had very different experiences here