The Unofficial Official Chat Thread


I’m on vacation in New Jersey. My flight up here was delayed five hours. The weather sucks. I was planning on going to four kung fu classes this week but one of them was canceled. Aside from whatever TV my father is watching all I have is my phone for entertainment.

What a great time I’m having…


Getting pissy here. I am working SO hard on my purple belt but I only have 4 stripes. Usually by this time I have anywhere between 7 and 11 stripes. I am gonna go postal if someone doesnt give me a “great attitude” or “powerful kick” stripe soon! I need to go to different classes. Maybe THEN I will get recognition.




I’ve had very little to do at work this week, so I decided to learn react.js which we will use in some future projects.
So I made a portfolio website for myself! :slight_smile: It still needs some finishing touches but it’s mostly done.

Portfolio website[/size][/size]


I just saw that, it looks awesome. It’s really interesting to see multiple HD renditions of the same chapter, between this, Black Mesa, and various GoldSrc mods.


and yet again I have to wait to get into my new apartment. The woman that is supposed to provide me with access to the community is out sick today, so I have to wait until Thursday because I am busy tomorrow…

I just want to get into my apartment…



hahaha oh wow! that was rad


Open world Harry Potter RPGleaked. Looks neat maybe, I hope it’s on something I actually own


Pretty bonkers


Malwarebytes blocked the site due to “Trojan” and virustotal says 1 out of 68 so it probably was infected in the recent past

malwarebytes-Log Details-

-Blocked Website Details-
Malicious Website: 1
, , Blocked, [-1], [-1],0.0.0

-Website Data-
Category: Trojan



Same here.
McAfee says:

Website status: Very risky
Whoa! Are you sure you want to go there? may be risky to visit.


Site Report[/size]
Here’s why could be risky
We scanned this site and found that it’s not as secure as it should be. Please click with caution.

About this site[/size]
Website category:

  •                     [url='']PUPs[/url]


Been in and out of the hospital all week for kidney stones. Had surgery this morning to break them up and am home for good now?


Huh, it was just a direct video link before. I’ll try to find a better mirror, since it looks like the video that was there is totally gone now.

EDIT: well I got the file and I’m trying to attach it to this post but it’s not working. It’s an mp4 file and under 10MB, so what’s up?


Wow! I’ve had only one*

  • would not recommend


So Blizzard spectacularly fucked up with their new Diablo announcement at Blizzcon… yeah, I can’t help but laugh. After the Diablo 3 debacle, I’ve lost pretty much all faith in Blizzard.

The annoying thing is that Diablo is pretty near and dear to my heart since the franchise was one of the first games I ever played as a kid, so it pains me to see such a great universe being abused like this.


I have never played a Blizzard game…


the only thing I like about Blizzard is its namesake…

btw, winter is coming


Who could have thought an overpriced Dairy Queen product could become an entire game studio


You may want to read up on 2080ti failures if you are in the market for one of Nvidia’s latest spawn.