The Unofficial Official Chat Thread


Because I was on the team that completed the PD2 secret first, on stream, my name has been immortalized in the game forever.

It’s hard to really say how much this means to me, given the amount of time I’ve put into the game and what it means to me.

I’m Kamikal if my name change confuses anyone


I have no idea what any of this means…





So, uh, this weather, eh?

nods and leaves again


[Laughs in Southern Hemisphere.]


[Sweats while laughing in southern hemisphere.]


Florida has been really nice.


first post in the new forums :wink:


I hate it. Change it back to a text-only terminal based interface. If you have to use a mouse to navigate a discussion board you might as well just ask your mom to do it for you, you lazy bums.

Also how the fuck do you quote on mobile?


You would need to buy the expansion disk for that buddy. Just highlight and the quote button shows up :heart:


Oh, like this? I guess it could save some time but it probably needs to be pointed out it works like that now.


That is a good point. I should make a little guide. I just noticed it let’s you know who’s typing in mobile. It’s really an unofficial chat now.


It even updates posts in real-time, this ain’t bad, bud.


The future is here. All this needs is gifty search / posting support.


I leave for two days and suddenly everything is entirely different.
Now where did I leave the source file for my avatar…


You can always phone a Hubicorn to grab it from the old forums.

Ninja edit: Nevermind


I’m positive I have a high-res version of it on one of my other computers, but for now I just grabbed it from another site I use it on, so no worries there!


Hooolllyyyy shit, what a change.


I saw that ninja edit. Would you want me to look into merging the two accounts?


No, no, I was mistaken. Hence the edit.