The Unofficial Official Chat Thread


Holy crap. :neutral_face:

It’s like Fifty Shades of Grey in here, but without 47 of those shades.

i.e. It’s like Three Shades of Grey in here.


I am genuinely lost in this interface because all the white-space is the same. There is nothing here (except an occasional horizontal-rule) to suggest this is tabular data.

Please give us a darker, simply textured repeating background to decorate unused portions of the page, to help highlight flatly colored foreground forum stuff.


That would make such an awesome easteregg in a future update!


The Cup is a LIE


I hate change
oh 20 characters, really?


You know what they say about bloviation being the soul of wit.


I’m wondering if my account even works anymore…


This is new and confusing flycorgi

EDIT: Also apparently I’m a developer now, instead of a mod. I’m gonna develop so hard!


I don’t seem to have forum admin access any more



Makes you wonder how that happened…?


I wonder if the tumblr meltdown was manufactured to distract people from article 13 like how Nintendo manufactured the Bowsette meme to distract from their shitty online service



So is this what a modern message board looks like? Neat.