The Unofficial Official Chat Thread



Hey not sure who would even remember me on this forum at all, but I don’t know this community meant a lot to me as a dumb angsty teenage kid and I wanted to say thanks to everyone from the old days (not even as old as some have been here think I joined in late 07 or 08). I’ve gone through a lot and a lot of friendships I made through Black Mesa meant a lot to me even if I just thought of you guys as user icons and words on a screen, it was comforting to be able to express myself here. So thanks I guess.


Yeah, I spent a lot of time here, though I was a pretty dumb kid and got made fun of a lot. There’s some weird memories for you.

On an oddly related note, looks like the Halo MCC is coming to Steam.

Guess I can’t wait to play Halo 4 on my PC after all…


Would love to hear peoples memories I struggle remember too much of what I did on the forums honestly. Once I started chatting on the steam group I went pretty silent on the forums.


Somewhere in the depths of my computer, I bet I have an old mashup of pictures of the black mesa forum users. :wink:


Can I reasonably assume you have a single file dedicated to Raminator’s numerous Avatars before he left?


Alas… no. I didnt save those. Only the “post your picture” pictures.


Holy shit I’m back

Most of you probably knew a MisterDigitalGuy who roamed the forums many moons ago- he’s me, but alas my account and all that’s associated with it were lost when a mysterious glitch prevented me from accessing the forums. After months of struggles with forum support to no avail, I kinda gave up, but now I’m back and I probably haven’t grown up a single bit


Does the thing in your avatar have two sets of ears?



Two times the hearing or something like that