The Walking Dead Game

Does anyone have an opinion (or know anything) about the new “The Walking Dead” game that came out on Steam yesterday? I watched the trailer. It looks like a cheap knockoff of L4D. But sometimes these little “sleepers” turn out to be a lot of fun to play. Just wondering…thanks!

Isn’t it an adventure game or something?

It won’t be a L4D style gameplay, just the usual telltales system.

It’s chapter based as well (like HL2) so this is just the first chapter of like 3 or 4. Being so, I wouldn’t expect it to be more than like maybe 10-20 hours gameplay per chapter. I could be wrong though.

'nuff said

First 4 minutes of gameplay



Well, it looks damn cool graphically.

I agree. The trailers always make it look better graphically than game play, but I checked out the game play too. Not too shabby.

Agreed, I like how they used ‘comic book’ style graphics.

I liked that they went for the comic’s look. Of course, the shittykids that only know the show have to go “LOL GRAPHICIH SUSKC LOLOLOL”

One thing, I wish the color scheme was a bit more muted.

Wasn’t the comic in black and white?

LOL! Yeah, that’s half the comments on you tube.

Haha, reading the comments, sooooo true.

On topic: Looks pretty cool. I’ve always loved games where you make the choices and that affects the storyline.

The youtube comments…

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Its not even remotely close to L4D.

Lol I wish. Try 2-4 hours (per episode) I didn’t measure yesterday but I was able to finish it somewhere in that time frame.

Anyways if you dislike point & click adventures you might want to gear away from it.

If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead IP comics or show (I like both) you would probably enjoy it. It does a good job so far of capturing the theme of family in the series. It also has so far show negative experiences of choices people make.

It makes nice progress in telltales’ formula finding a good balance in restrictive QTE events for intensity and still point and click puzzles. Also the dialog has meaningful impact so that’s nice.

Ultimately like all of Telltales’ game the biggest downfall is the genre, a lot of people just don’t like their style. However they’re almost always good for what they are. If you like either Walking Dead or Telltales’ gameplay style you’ll like this. If not shy away or wait for it to be cheaper.

If you have anything you want more specifically answered I can answer it, I’ve followed the pre-release info and played the first ep so I know a good bit.

Well, I loved the BTTF game, so I don’t think I’ll pass this up.

I have a question, It looks like the price (Steam $25) is for ALL chapters. Tell me that’s right, because I sure as hell wouldn’t pay $25 for just one chapter.

Yeah, you only need to pay for them once and you get all the chapters. All multi-episode Telltale games are like that.


In that case I’ll probably end up getting this. Looks pretty entertaining, like a interactive comic book. :smiley: