The Walter White Wacky Fun-time Thread!

Do we have a Breaking Bad thread yet? I don’t think we do. But I can see a need for a place to kinda dump all of our BB related shit and discussion. (So, spoilers.)

First of all, if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet, I highly recommend it, and I’m sure many others on the forums do too. It follows the misadventures of a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer and sets out to make some money for his family by cooking meth. Somewhat simple premise, but it evolves into so much more over the course of its run.

Currently, Breaking Bad is four episodes into its fifth and final season. Seasons 1-4 are available for streaming if you have a Netflix WI subscription. If you want an excellently crafted story, compelling characters, and a disturbingly accurate depiction of the methamphetamine business, start watching immediately.

That being said, who’s been watching season 5? Anybody starting to form some horrifying idea of how it’s all gonna end?

spoiler [COLOR=‘Black’]Skyler is a crazy bitch. spoiler

I fucking hate Skyler. Also Season 5 stuff ([COLOR=‘Black’]I don’t know what to feel about the change in Walt’s character. I think I like him less but his character is so well written and awesome even though he is less likable. Also in episode 4 I love the watch, the whole timebomb thing on top of skyler waiting for him to die having Jesse give Walt the watch was awesome.)

[COLOR=‘Red’](spoilers obv.) I think Mike is getting too trigger happy. He thinks he knows everything but obviously doesn’t. Also I think Hank is too smart to continue to ignore whats right under his nose and all evidence points to mike right now. Interesting season and a great show.

I’ll be honest, I was expecting Hank to know something was up with Walt, but in this last episode we learned he chalked it up to thinking he was having an affair. Maybe this will prompt him to give the second cell phone and Walt’s strange behavior another look.

I’m a little surprised Skyler didn’t threaten to spill the beans to the DEA, though I suppose she wants the meth money just as much as Walt does. That would seem to be the only thing holding her back. Well, I guess that and the fact that it would rock Jr.'s world if his “beloved” father was a meth cook.

I can’t fucking wait to see how Hank is gonna react to the whole thing when the inevitable reckoning comes. Everything involving his story in the DEA has been leading up to an earth-shattering reveal.

Yeah I’m interested to see how stuff plays out with Hank. And with Mike I think he is right, Mikes got a lot of years of experience doing what he does and has reasons for why he does them. He is also my favorite character.

It is fucking chilling watching Walt play the people who love him.

poor kid on bike

Stupid Todd, I thought he was cool.

yeah :frowning:

I don’t know why one would hate Skyler, she’s human and scared. I hardly believe every american housewife would want her husband to turn into a narcissistic drug dealing killer who attracts assassins to the family. But misogynistic tv show watchers are everywhere, so it’s to be expected.

As for Walt, that’s someone I can barely stand watching. Everything he says is megalomaniacal insincere clichés and manipulations. It’s all misdirected for the people he surrounds himself with. This is hilariously showcased in Walt’s and Mike’s tense chemistry and it’s more awkward in Walt’s and Skyler’s relationship to the point that I cringe everytime they’re in the same room. Especially when he cuddles up to her in bed with his bullshit.

His family first-philosophy seems particularly hollow at this point. He even questions the proposal to move the kids to a safer home as if nothing has happened.

It’s a wonder that he’s got Jesse’s confidence back.

I’m a little bit older than having to outright hate tv characters with a personal tone, so I’ll just say that Walt is well written and acted still, but I wouldn’t want him to be my friend.

“I’m better than you because I don’t hate TV characters” is all I read but for the record, sometimes characters are written to be hated.

Anyways how can you not see Skyler as a bitch? Remember her “intervention” in season 1 that wasn’t really about people sharing their thoughts like it was supposed to be and was about saying what she wanted to be said. I can’t think of the other ones off the top of my head because I’ve recently seen that episode with my friend who started watching but there are PLENTY of reasons to think Skyler is a bitch. Sure she is a well written character, but she is a well written bitch.

People on this show do worse things than being a bitch.

I miss Tuco. Priceless behavioral pattern on that one. But he was rather nasty, wasn’t he? Whenever he snorted something somebody died or got his face refurnished. It’s a considerable offence, I think.

in my mind, skyler’s attitude towards walter is part of what drove him over the edge of megalomania and self-indulgence


Hey, nevermind that Walter is entirely responsible for his own actions, huh? Let’s blame Skyler for Walter being a cancer on his surroundings on more than one level :slight_smile:

Yes, i did notice that you, bur, didn’t say that, but you never know if somebody’s views are that lopsided.

By the way, if you simply think of Walt as a ‘badass’, you discredit the writing team for what is a far more nuanced psychological masterpiece of a character. My favorite is however Jesse. His journey towards a mellowed and more melancholy mind, lined with tragedies is one of the most memorable journeys I’ve seen on TV. Funny part is that his fashion sense mirrors it.

is it really necessary to be so hostile? can’t you just talk about a tv show without telling people they’re stupid?

Who did I call stupid now? I’m just generally questioning things. Throwing the extra sarcastic comment in my last post out there while still acknowledging that you didn’t actually say that isn’t calling you stupid.

One thing that puts me off like few is the widespread hate towards female characters on TV. Pick any TV show and it’s there.

They’d be hated less if they were less hatable. I mean, I feel like Skylar is written to be the “voice of reason” to remind the audience that the threat of the law is always around the corner, but she just comes off as whiny and naggy. Hell, maybe that’s the point.

Plus, I never got the impression that females were hated in TV.
I mean, all the Dr. Who companions have been pretty much all well received except for Martha, but I’m pretty sure there’s some subconscious racism behind that. Personally, she’s my favorite.

Plus there’s every female character in the new Battlestar series, they were all awesome.

Right, and Saul is spineless and several others are psychopaths, now get on with Breaking Bad, I’ve told you my favorite character.

Well ok, nevermind.

Anyway, …

Think about it, up until the end of season 4 Walt was doing some crazy shit, but I always had the impression he was keeping both feet somewhat on the ground.

At the end though, he tells Skyler “I’m the danger.” Later he apologises and says he was exaggerating. I think it was because of the adrenaline rush he was still under.
Despite this, Skyler is afraid of Walt, and decides he’s a lost cause. This in turn, I believe, (partly) made Walt lose his shit (he’s losing everything he was trying to protect this whole time).