The WTF thread.


Am I the only one to have not seen this?


The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

or this?


Oddity in Space
A revised version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station.


I thought this thread was something for baffling realizations or some shit like that when I opened it…


Not a lot of WTF so far. Loved Hadfield’s Space Oddity.


the human species


How can ONE WRONG VERTEX in a model make a whole game crash? Apparently a .nif file with one little error brings Skyrim to its knees and makes it crash horribly and violently. WTF indeed…


how can someone throw out a core i7 gaming laptop and be perfectly happy with a pentium 4 desktop afterwards?


^case in point to both of those


Horrible fail with Programming along with memory allocation going haywire. The same can be said with Gold SRC (HL1’s predecessor engine to Source) and not being able to load a new model for an entity that wasn’t precached and it gets angry because of it (I believe the game crashes if my memory serves me right - either that or the map).

As for the second one, that person’s not right in the head. :frowning:

What on god’s green earth compels someone to drive 20 MPH under the fripping speed limit AT MIDDAY WITH NO TRAFFIC…


So is this basically another rage thread…?


no, if I was raging about getting a free core i7 laptop it would be a wtf all of its own


Ah. Right. So it’s surprising things. Carry on then hahaha


Hm, human on anthropomorphic wolf-creature french kissing is surprisingly hot.


probably NSFW:




It’s the WTF thread, WTF are you expecting?


I thought it was in reference to your avatar pyro. That’s a commendable Wtf though hahaha


This article suits this thread.






That sounds as sweden the last 10 years. We use to say “Först kränkt vinner”, which translates to First one to be offended wins. Often people don’t know they should be offended before someone else tells them, often someone who isn’t even a part of that minority.