The WTF thread.


Typical behavior (both on the idiot camera man’s part and the boar). Not really WTF-worthy.


Could also be in the YLYL thread xD


Bizarre behavior (for any customer), but the audio’s fake.

  1. time stamp top left.

  2. Audio doesn’t match up with the lady’s mouth.


It was probably added for the lol effect

It worked


The video is real, but the audio was added in post.


John Boehner is going to sue Obama over taking too many executive orders… when in reality he’s used his power less than the last few presidents.

You know, the more I look at this, the more I think the 200th Continental Congress of the United States is less like a political body and more like a 2 year old retarded child that needs to be reigned in (staring at the 'tards in the house here primarily). My government’s dysfunction is all the more embarrassing due to the fact they haven’t got any thing done in the past four years without Obama stepping up to the fucking plate.


Harken The Words of Wisdom!![/SIZE]



^ Dad of the Year award material. Rushing for medical care, then letting his wife be appropriately punished and filing for divorce? You’d be surprised how many lesser dads don’t have the courage to do that.


Not at all. It’s incredibly easy for guys to become total slaves to sex to the point where they lose all sanity and self-respect.


'Corse it’s NY…

I’m fucking wondering why it had to be “banned” in the first place. You’re standing next to a big cat with A LOT of fucking muscle and the ability to rip your face off and/or limb from limb with ease and WILL consider your a prey item under the right conditions.



Well when common sense fails, rules at least give those who lack the previously mentioned trait something to follow, as their own thoughts cannot be fully trusted xD especially if they’re cuddling a ferocious man eater.


Kinda NSFW… (I think) Why does the sex industry have to come up with the weirdest shit?


NSFW images are in the source:


How the fuck is this art?

For $4.3M?? Why can’t I be that lucky… :’(


She actually seems like a legitimate artist… I know the subject is weird, but it really does communicate with people. Better than a photograph of such a scene, no?


You bring a valid point, but with art I tend to think a sculpture, painting, game, entertainment, etc.

An every day scene, not so much. With a bed no less.


If that was 4.3 million, just wait till they see my room!


I don’t have a problem with putting stuff like this up for display and calling it art, I get it. The money involved in the art world is outrageous though.