The WTF thread.


Wouldn’t go THAT far, but yeah, it is.

@Bur Psychological problems could be put under medical in some circumstances. It doesn’t make it any better though, it’s still a disgusting habit.


Seriously? What the actual fuck? How can you call yourself a believer in ANYTHING when you act like a pig headed, snobby, dickhead towards everyone that contradicts your beliefs? Fucking twats. Seriously, this kinda “believing” is why I wholeheartedly avoid any form of religious following. If you’re just gonna be a narrow minded fuck wad to everyone, what’s the point in believing in a God that loves everyone? It makes you nothing but a hypocrit if all you do is pervert the idea for everyone and act like a complete dick to everyone.

Granted this church in particular is a rare breed of stupid and arrogant, but still haha how incredibly stupid…


They’re still at it, huh? I thought their leader bit the dust a few months back…


The father of the clan died, but he had followers. There was a documentarian that went from hating them to joining them that I think took over after Phelps died.


As TGP indicated. Just because the momma rat dies, doesn’t mean the others can’t breed. You can’t fix stupid.


Where do you see an R in my name?




^the bigger wtf here was CP forgetting how TGP spells his user name.

Seriously though, these guys are idiots. There’s no reason to hate anyone on principle like that.


Hey, we all have a brain fart once in a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the topic: I think we can all agree with you on that.


No documentarian ever documents something they don’t secretly love. The nearest counterexample would be war correspondents documenting ongoing conflicts, but that’s more of a soft-news than documentary, and they likely have some love for the people conducting or being directly affected by the war.

Or would it be ÞGP?


I just hope they don’t decide to build therapeutical robot dummies for anime freaks and furries.

If those things try to take over the world, it will be worse(and more ironic) than an army of robot children. We will get chased around by wild pokemon, digimon and nintendo characters.


I think you’ll find those are the FIRST ones they built.


I hate to say, but Flatline’s right.


TMI… Your name makes too much sense now. :wink:


wait what are we talking about? I have no idea what’s going on in this thread


I’m confused about that myself. You’re not making any sense Tiki. Not to mention aliases aren’t really supposed to make sense.


I suggested a connection between your name (that of an animal-lover) and the communities of people who use animalistic robots to satisfy their urges to make love to animals, as mentioned by Flatline and recognized by yourself.


That is what I thought you meant.

FYI: Making stupid jests like that tend piss people off.

I never insinuated I had such a fascination with such material (I didn’t in the first place). I was making a cynical statement about society in general (I have a lack of faith in humanity, this just reaffirms that). I could go on and on, but you’ve already done enough damage on yourself.




Good, you’re on your way to understanding Earth-humor.

So, back to the subject, what’s the deal with Utilikilts?
They seem practical, as pockets are awesome, but what is it about the kilt format that makes people uncomfortable?