The WTF thread.


Unless you are one of those pussies who wear underwear, I suppose having heavy objects strapped into your kilt could prove problematic when engaging in more rigorous activities like caber tossing or killing wild animals with your bare hands.


Do it enough and you get numb. Trust me on this.



FFS, that’s not even very much money.


it isn’t?


“Fire challenge.”

Warning: This contains numerous circumstances of concentrated stupid and “Why the fuck would you do that to yourself?!” moments. You have been warned.[/SIZE]




Wait… what?


So… the guy tried to kill his roommate over a bag of Chips Ahoy…?


Westboro is at it again.

Edit: Apparently it won’t link.


I thought those shits finally died out. Guess I was wrong. It’s a similar thing to Limbaugh being in deep shit over his semantic comments about it (connecting his death with leftie being leftie problems).

In other news:


How to Survive a Serious Motorcycle Accident


^ Saw that before. Guy on the 2 wheeler’s fucking lucky.




^seriously, how do you not notice that kinda shit? She must be either pretty elderly or physically disabled. Or just never home. I mean even if you don’t go up stairs, wouldn’t your electric bill be astronomical from that window being open? It’s like that Korean girl that didn’t change her contact for like 6 months and amoebas consumed her eye. Or the lady from India that had her baby die in her, ran from the hospital to a village for care from a local healer, only to come to a hospital later (30 something years to be more accurate) to find out that there was a 36 year old skeleton in her.


" in an unused spare room"

meaning there was no heating on, no one had probably been in that room for months at least (it probably only takes one summer to get that thing under the right conditions)


nah i’ve seen them happen overnight
[COLOR=’#191919’]close your windows when you go to sleep, kids


i’d get worried about leaving my window open but i live in belgium where nothing really exciting ever happens


here in canada wasp nests are usually the size of a golf ball but they can get as big as a bowling ball sometimes


Well you know, people do stupid things.


Pretty much the most precious piece of clothing ever, forget those diamond-studded bras: