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Well done humanity.


I call bullshit!

TL;DR: China’s working on a “supersonic” submarine using something similar to what the Mantis Shrimp (Bullet Shrimp, if you know it by that name) does. The process is called supercavitation, which forms a bubble of air within the water to drive it away and create a channel for the vehicle. Bullets fired from firearms (that are properly set up and treated), when fired underwater, use the same principle.

They want to use that and strap some bigass engine on the back of what is practically a fucking torpedo and use it as “transportation.” It could potentially kill A LOT of life on the way to its destination, and I’m not an enviro terrorist “Protect the whales!”-type of person.

I honestly don’t see it being feasible, but I could be proven wrong.



It could work in theory, but it seems incredibly dangerous. Isn’t cavitation what causes most of the wear on boat propellers?


Not only “whales” but also the potential for surface traffic such as fishing trawlers that don’t always correctly log where they’re going to be at any specific time. Can you imagine some poor fisherman out there to catch a couple hundred dollars worth of fish to bring to market in the path of such a “6000kph” boat? Would they even see it coming much less be able to get out of the way in time?


@pyro It’s been demonstrated before the concept does work to an extent… on weapons of war. The process was deemed too costly and dangerous to be used in transportation (at least back then). Read the article in its entirety (in the quote) to get a grasp - provided you haven’t already.

I believe most of the ware is due to sea water, that shit’s highly corrosive (don’t hold me to that).

There’s also water displacement you have to consider. If the craft is a few hundred feet long, the wake trail’s going to be massive.


Aren’t the purposes of submarines generally of a sneaky nature? I feel like a super rocket ripping through the ocean at fighter jet speed leaving a trail of dead animals in it’s considerable wake is probably not the most sneaky thing we humans have come up with in our collective history.


No. It’s built to dive underwater, you’re thinking of uboats or the modern equivalent to that (war machines). There ARE submersibles that are technically submarines used in research.

This thing’s meant to be the underwater equivalent to a Boeing 747 or some such.


Yes, Chickenprotector, it’s bullshit on this scale.

The only method we humans have to propel a vehicle through water at that speed is rocketry. On something like a full-sized submersible, there are severe fuel limitations with rocketry. (Nuclear power is the modern incantation of the steam engine, which would require a mechanical means to provide thrust through the water. Seeing as the goal is to speed through a cavitation bubble, any mechanical device establishing contact at the barrier between water-and-bubble will be subject to impossible stresses, ruling out Uranium as the propulsion source.)

This is likely just a sensationalized story to distract from actual Chinese research into producing a supercavitating torpedo of their own. For something like a munition, rocketry is practicable, and the advantage of speed is obvious. The Russians have them; I believe the US and Germany are researching them, and it follows that the Chinese don’t want to be left behind.


That makes a little more sense.

To be clear, I believe the tech CAN be feasible to be used as a weapon of war. As a form of mass transportation, I don’t think it can be. You’re talking quite a few g’s worth of energy and overly-specialized equipment to keep the people within alive, not to mention the massive forces involved in maintaining the bubble around the craft (as you mentioned).

So in essence, I agree with you.


I know, this is a rare moment; we must hyperanalyze every detail of our consensus.


More a cool wtf…

TL;DR: Your skin can do mathematical calculations (without the brain telling it to) in order to give your brain simplified information about the geometries of the object you’re currently touching or brushing up against (such as your keyboard’s keys).

In other words, the skin does some of the data calculation that was thought (previously) to only be reserved for the brain itself.


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Video is in the source:


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