The WTF thread.




Not trying to provoke you at all. I felt you were trying to be make a joke at the expense of that poor guy and, really, I don’t think you can blame me. That was a poor choice of words.


I suppose. Still I don’t understand what compels people to do things like this. You get some kick out of it, 'cause it’s not funny at all. The potential for disease is pretty fucking high with that in addition to being life threatening in some circumstances (being covered in sewage).


why do people humiliate others? to make themselves feel superior/less inferior


That Bur, is precisely why I consider a majority of society at large fucking stupid to begin with. They DO NOT think things through.


Someone once put a piece of melted chocolate/nutella on my head during recess, for a brief moment I thought it might be shit… yeah it’s a pretty horrible feel.



It seems we have a new employer.

Drew Carey offering $10,000 for information


I’ll work for Drew Carey in a heart beat


Check this shit out:


Damn, I want to try that out. But nothing like these in Malaysia though


McDonalds/Burger king cheese is not actually cheese, it’s more like processed cardboard.

I bet if I had to eat it while blindfolded I couldn’t tell if I was eating a black burger.


Racist! … In all seriousness who’d eat that, the entire thing (ignoring the patty) looks carbonized (burnt)…


But in all seriousness, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Charcoal has merits.


So…Microsoft’s tryna buy Mojang? I guess we can kiss any amount of enjoyment from Minecraft goodbye.


My WTF is that so many people believe that rumor when there’s no evidence to support it aside from an “Anonymous source” that’s “close to microsoft”, and so much evidence against Notch being a person who would be selling out.


I can’t notch doing that, remember how pissy he got when Facebook bought occulus? He even got a job offer at Valve he turned down in order to make Mojang what he wanted it to be.


If they turned down Valve, they either don’t know valve or they are never going to sell.


Read more:


Fuck fuck ew fuck fffff Dx I almost threw up, it makes me squirm.