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Urban Outfitters sells tasteless, fake-blood-spattered Kent State shirt
Posted on September 15, 2014 by Joy Tipping/Staff Writer[/SIZE]


In today’s “I can’t believe I’m actually seeing this” news, this weekend Urban Outfitters briefly made available to buyers (a.k.a. possible serial killers) a “Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt” splattered with fake blood, for $130. And here’s the really horrifying part: It’s sold out. The “joke” is that in 1970 four Kent State students who were protesting the Vietnam War were shot to death by National Guard soldiers while protesting the Vietnam War.

I remember Kent State. I was 9. It’s actually my first “political” memory. My mom says I looked up at her from the TV and said, in complete seriousness, “I don’t want to go to college, Mommy, if you get shot there.” So yeah, totally funny, Urban Outfitters.

This isn’t the company’s first foray into — what to call it? — Incredibly Insensitive Retailing. In 2010 the company had T-shirt saying “Eat Less.” The “joke” there was that some people starve themselves because they believe they’re overweight. In 2004, there was “Jewish Girl,” covered in dollar signs. In 2003, they sold a board game called “Ghettopoly.” It had a card rewarding players “got yo whole neighborhood addicted to crack.” The joke is that poor people are drug addicts and drug dealers. (You can, believe it or not, still buy it on It’s $92.50 — apparently it’s now a COLLECTOR’s ITEM. For people who need to be time-traveled back to Nazi Germany, that is.)


I can’t wrap my mind around this. Or wrap the story up better than did, so here’s a quote from them:

In 20[insert future dates here], Urban Outfitters will sell [item names] emblazoned with [image/text] referring to [historic tragedy and/or demeaning stereotype]. While it is true that [historic tragedy and/or demeaning stereotype] is a subject that could be referred to or perhaps even joked about in a different context without causing offense, it is difficult to see [item name] as anything other than a smug insult to [relatively powerless group] given that it is only the latest in a long line of similarly belittling products manufactured by acorporation controlled almost exclusively by [names of white males].” (Personally, I would change that last insertion to [complete and total racist idiots]. … hirt.html/[/SIZE]


I remember it very well, when it was briefly glossed through in the movie Watchmen.


What fucking cunts.

Video is in the source:


I love cats too much. Reading that was really sad. I hate sickos that do that kind of shit to animals. They don’t deserve it.


Holy shit.



TL;DR: People are going into apple stores just to bend iphones.


"This video is brought to you from Koreans - people who think it’s cool to eat dogs on a regular basis.! Nuff said."


thats cool though


brb going to the store to bend an iphone


they did a good job on the compositing there


Kill me.


During class today, someone handed out surveys for a group project. It was just a questionnaire with some questions about racism and stereotyping, and gave the incredibly vague directions to “write your thoughts about stereotypes of these races”.

I shit you not, one of the questions was “Which race stereotypes the most?”


Haha is that one even possible to answer?


@Pyro Hah!

@0_22 Yes, but trying to not be racist at the same time while answering the question… think you can do the mental leaps?

As for my WTF:

They apparently have laboratory grown penises ready to be tested on humans… no this isn’t an onion article.

… wat? I mean, that’s good, but wat?


I’m saved!

And I guess x) I just figured that every race has stereotypes that they see in other races. I missed the joke :frowning:


I’ll take two! :smiley:


One of my colleagues remembered being in the fifth-or-so grade when September 11th occurred. The next day they were assigned to draw a picture about how the event made them feel.

Kids, they didn’t know how to do that stuff, so most of them ended up just drawing it happening.



A homeowner is looking to get rid of his home (and it’s falling apart from the looks of it); no one’ll touch it, so he’s willing to trade it for just about anything at this point, including an iphone 6…