The WTF thread.




Yo, dawg, I heard you were scared of spiders, so I put spiders on your spider so you can scream while you scream.


That’s not uncommon. Creepy though.


This apparently went viral 4 years ago, but I’ve seen it for the first time just now:

Oh 'Straya


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All this for a fap??





Caption: [align=center]James and the Giant Prune[/align]


Amazing music video (marine biology related):


The video is in the source:


Pro-tip: Don’t use the in-flight WiFi.


Why would you do this?

Solo climbing the second tallest structure in Romania


Yeah, it seems like an arbitrary choice of object, but I guess he was just living near it.

He might have set some record for climbing a tallest abandoned building.

Anyway, toward the end when he was walking across it, I kept thinking of this:


That is the most terrifying video I’ve every watched. I have a fear of heights, so… fuck.

Also, I’d like to share this.


Actually, THIS is the most terrifying. Gives me the heebie-jeebies!


I can’t wait for free-climb attempts against space elevators.


Well, if you fall off the top of a space elevator, you are just going to drift upwards out into space, very very slowly.


Which is arguably more terrifying than falling to earth.

EDIT: GG Greenpeace. I feel like this must be a hoax and they aren’t ACTUALLY that… whatever you would even call it.


What sheer amount of stupid do you have to go to?!

TL;DR: Gender Politics (politically correctness, etc) is moving around and pissed off the metal scene this time. Do these idiots learn?


lol being an SJW in the metal scene is like trying to break as many watermelons with your face as you can before fainting

funny/painful to watch and ultimately completely pointless