The WTF thread.



Oh dear god why?

A guy spends $150k to look like Kim Kardashian. No I won’t post photos, they’re uglier than sin.


He needs to get his money back.


Nailed it. Also,



Simply Wow!


Humanity is going to be extinct within the next 100 years.

EDIT: I’m still trying to decide whether the tone I typed that in was meant to be depressed and hopeless, or relieved and hopeful.[/SIZE]


Why not both? Humanity is destined to fade to oblivion at some point. In a positive or negative fashion.

You were just dying to use that gif weren’t you…


I’m sorry, that was way too optimistic. At this rate in 10 years humanity will be past the point of no return, that means the entire food chain(starting with the plankton in the ocean) is going to collapse in 2045 due to overpopulation and pollution and then we all eat each other just like it has always happened historically.

The real reason to be hopeful and optimistic is that maybe in 100 years human population will be on the rise again restarting the same cycle that is about to end… As long as no nation uses any nuclear weapons.


I’m not convinced that humanity really is on the cusp of another mass-death event, though. Humanity’s always “on the brink”, but we always manage to pull through in recent history.


But in the original hl2 story there was air exchange, dried up oceans and the citadel’s purpose was for weather control…

I was just being pessimistic due to the tone of this thread, I know that with sufficiently advanced technology and no corrupt politics to slow it down humanity can do anything.


I think “advanced technology” and “no corrupt politics” are the same thing. People should vote on algorithms; as you see, any true democracy of the future should include automata on the ballot.



As long as the algorithm is fully open source, not written by the NSA or anyone from the current administration, and expert reviewed to prove it won’t try to execute a mass extinction event, I’m all for it.


The Secretary of Defense will be run by an AI which was built to test the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Bam, world peace.


Didn’t system shock teach you anything? Or any sci fi movie with a rampant AI?



I’m not as optomistic about when A.I. will become possible. People keep acting like it will happen any week now, but I don’t think we will have a real thinking A.I. for another 50 to 100 years.


Until someone writes self-adapting programming code, the chances of dynamic AI that has a human level of sentience and self-autonomy is non-existant.

I don’t think such programming exists quite yet (don’t hold me to that). So TGP’s right, it’ll take quite a few more decades.


You’re right, human voters can’t be trusted to choose the best automatonocracy. We need a genetic algorithm to determine which ruler would have the best effect.


I think the Isolation Alien could be up to the task.

Xenomorph for totalitarian world leader 2015