The WTF thread.


This Woman Married Her Two Male Cats - And January Marks Their 10-Year Anniversary

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^And also, the video is the source as well.


That fucking doctor… @2:08



‘Landslide’ Doesn’t Even Begin To Cover What The Earth Is Doing In This Video



Now imagine the nerdrage a few miles away when those power-lines went down !


I thought the angry ones were German not Russian (not sure which language that is).


Bump for this:


Time to bring this thread back from the dead, because this article will shock you all.


That’s fucked. Dunno what type of tool would find doing that sort of thing amusing.


Never thought in thousands of years MPAA would be this stupid:


I’ll thread necro for this. I can’t tell if I’m reading an actual article or something from the onion.

TL;DR: A bunch of guys wielding grilled meats and sausage invaded a vegan cafe and started a brawl.

Just… wat?


Well I saw them coming in out from the street

They were looking oppressive and were armed with meat

I dropped my latte and I said “ooh-wee!”

It looks like a vegan hating nazi to me!

It was a facist racist homophobic vegan hating neo-nazi

facist racist homophobic vegan hating neo-nazi

facist racist homophobic vegan hating neo-nazi sure looked strange to me!


Bad Idea?



I really just don’t know what to say…


I don’t know what the hell this is, but it’s hilarious.
Also topical, because one of my roommates and I were just discussing the various english dubs of Dragon Ball.


i thought that was going somewhere different


Reminds me that I’ll never be a wizard now ;(


That was truly beautiful CPU.


I found this absolutely hilarious…



SJWs implying that black people are crack heads. lol


How the hell is that racist? Seriously, people will find SOMETHING offensive with anything. Well I mean it is meant to take a stab at people who say “fuck the police” but come on, those kinds of people are the same people who shot and killed cops for defending the lives of peaceful protesters. Bunch of fucking moronic, asshole dumbasses.