The WTF thread.



So many people driving like they’re playing GTA.
Look, I’m not comfortable behind the wheel. I’ve had my G1 (learner’s permit) and no further for like 4 years.

At least I know how to signal and stay in my goddamn lane.


Damn, Australia is full of bad drivers.

Why do they start cursing when they see someone drive on the right side of the road, though?


I hope you all have a strong stomach before you watch this.



Uhm… I wonder if this is actually The Onion…

… Wat?




I already posted that Freezing Moon. Take a look above your post.


Sounds like Italy and Turkey are the places to go to!

Seems like both countries are run by horny old men…


Oh god… the stupid… it hurts…


I don’t know which thread to post this, but fucking hell this playthough it just painful to watch.
Also, you might want to ignore some of the comments of the video.

edit: If you guys can’t tell the difference, you might want to watch this playthough. And then compare to the video above I posted


camel balls?!..liquid filled?11?! …why would anybody…ugh
(seen it in a kiosk in berlin the other day)


TL;DR: Company is implanting RFID chips in their employees…



But you get 3% savings with the chip, totally worth it.


in b4 the company fires everybody who doesn’t get the upgrade
and then makes it mandatory for new employees


oh god


I sent my CV to a games company named “Zoink” here in Gothenburg, go out drinking…
Come back and turn my computer on only to find out a guy named “Zoinks” from the US has added me on steam.

Like… That has to be a sign, right?


Well after sitting here and laughing for a good 10 minutes:

TL;DR: NASA’s hiring someone to oversee planetary defense against various threats, including, but not limited to alien invasion.

No, it isn’t a joke. It actually exists.


NASA is hinting us that they know something is out there, and they’re are starting to worry.


Well, what’s laughable is how totally off the mark that news article is.

This is to do with making sure that we don’t bring biological contaminants, intentionally or otherwise, along with human or robotic missions to other planets that could threaten or affect the natural evolution of potential existing life on those planets, and vice versa, making sure that potential biological contaminants or samples brought back from human or robotic missions to other planets don’t threaten life on earth.

It’s a serious issue that scientists need to consider and address when sending spacecraft or probes to other planets or bodies in our solar system, and maybe in the far future, other solar systems.


That is something I considered after I stopped laughing. Funny, yes, especially under the sense of pop-culture (hence why I posted it). In terms of a real-world problem, I can seriously see that, especially with NASA’s planned mission(s) to Mars and its budget being boosted significantly.