The year half life series takes place in


You have to keep in mind that due to events of Half-Life 1, the timeline of our reality splits from HL timeline: The portal storms begin soon after Black Mesa incident, Combine invades, which basically means any technical progress ceases. Therefore, LCD/LED technology would stop being developed (and made cheaper), so it’s quite fitting CRT monitors would still be prevalent. Especially since HL2 takes place in Eastern Europe (Cyrilic lettering and “krone” as the currency printed on Gas station would suggest north-eastern Europe, some mixture of Sweden and post-Soviet republics :slight_smile: ), which generally adopted modern technologies later than Western Europe (exceptions exist).


That also makes alot of sense. Good point.


I always wondered this and i usually think about it when I eat breakfast. What did Gordon have for breakfast that day? I can’t get it out of my head. I really want to ask Gabe Newell.

I like to belive that it’s in the year 2000.


well half life could be set in 2003 because well back in the 40’s/50’s/60’s/70’s/80’s/90’s there were those pop culture trends where anything set around the 2000’s would be considered “futurastic” and this seems to be the case with half life since there is nuclear intervention needed to contain black mesa (remeber that warhead the blackops used in opposing force?)

and even though humanity collasped during the combine occupation, there are still signs of new techology present in the hl2 (circa 2023) world; like that computer-suitcase alyx was using at the beginning of episode 1, and the “ressurrected teleport” of all things


it would be cool if the mod had references to the year halflife/blackmesa takes place in, just for the lore lovers


I would prefer a more 90s like style for Black Mesa, with Win 98 computers(or ones that look like them) and all the stuff. That gives us a more Half Lifeish feeling.


It could be that many, many parts of the facility were just outright outdated. The upper management might have decided it would be extremely tedious and time wasting to get all the new tech in and even working properly all that way underground. It might have been more cost effective to simply not upgrade but replace instead.

I know someone who’s electricity company they work at has taken three or four years just to make sure their software wont glitch up on them. With Black Mesa being so much more complicated, I’d imagine it would be a monstrous challenge for them.