Think Geek BM shirt

Think Geek has a shirt:

i think we need a bmS t-shit. i will pay all tha ships and space-whatevers to bring one to me here.

You can also give your money to Valve for the official product.

How about a hoodie?

Do want :slight_smile:

Goodness kester, would it kill you to write once in a while? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back :smiley:

I prefer to come and go when something exciting happens :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not related to the mod, it’s related to location in half-life universe. Moving this to half-life section.

It’s clearly referencing the mod, though. Just look at the description.

That was my thought originally. Sorry for putting this thread in the wrong section!

Nah, you were right. The BMRF logo was misleading.
That said, this doesn’t really deserve its own thread.
I’m gonna keep it open, but leave it in this sub-forum.