Thinking about getting new monitor


Been using the monitor I have right now for about 5 years now and want to get a new one. Not too sure what to look for though other than refresh rate and resolution and such though. I want a 144Hz monitor though so I’m looking at those. Response times all seem to be about 1ms regardless of monitor, but the contrast ratio seems to vary quite a bit. The two I’m currently looking at are

Seems like they don’t really make 16:10 monitors anymore unfortunately and they’re even rarer in high refresh rates. So do you guys have any suggestions for 144Hz monitors or just anything that I should be looking for to narrow down choices? My price range is about $400 max.



I’d suggest the Acer XB240H Abpr (144Hz / G-Sync* / ULMB for <$400 USD), but can’t seem to find any really detailed reviews for it.

  • think I remember you mentioning that you have an Nvidia GPU (GTX 970?)


Not really too interested in Gsync/Freesync right now and I think it generally inflates the prices of monitors. I’d rather wait and see if Nvidia ever implements Freesync into their future GPUs so I can choose between them. Or not want a to get a Gsync monitor and get an AMD card later. That monitor seems to have much worse contrast ratio than the ones I was thinking of getting. Might be worse than the one I have right now.



Fair enough. In most cases I don’t find tearing all that noticeable on my current 120Hz monitor anyway, so the 144Hz monitors you posted should be a further improvement over that even without adaptive-sync.

I think the specs for the XB240H might be using the static contrast ratio (usually in the 500:1 to 1000:1 range for TN monitors), whereas the others are using dynamic contrast ratio (which usually seems to be whatever number the manufacturer feels like typing in - anything from 15,000:1 to ∞[/size]:1).
That said, the reviews for the XB240H do tend to mention “washed-out” colours…

Maybe someone else will have a better suggestion