Trajectory of rocket launcher missiles is off / HEV battery not glowing


Thank you very much for the recent update! I don’t know how you managed to pull it off, but CSM and dynamic lighting seem to be working well enough on my 2012 AMD system! Still in the recent beta i had some very weird visual bugs starting from c2a5g (ST uncut), where the shadows were cast from a totally diffrent direction than from where the sun was. Anyway, seems to be straightend out, so yeah!

With the recent update however the trajectory of the missiles of the rocketlauncher seem off. They fly and consequently hit a few feet higher than from where the crosshair was, making them use really tedious to use (especially during when wanting to hit the snipers on the roof of the STU maps).

Apart from that I am missing the blue glowing light emitted from the HEV batteries! They were so nice! But for some reason they’re missing now. ;(

DELL Inspiron 15r se
Intel Core i5-3210M [email protected] 2.50Ghz
Switchable graphiccards:
INTEL HD Graphics 4000 & AMD Radeon HD 7730M