Transformers General

I did a search for a Transformers general thread, and found none. Decided it should be time to make one, especially since Fall of Cybertron just got released.

So, how did you get into Transformers? Who’s your favorite? Autobots or Decepticons?

I got started when I was little, like most. The series I grew up with were Armada and Energon. Stopped watching once Cybertron came around.

I first watched the Transformers series the mid 90s, I think it was the 80s series when it first came out, then I got into them a lot that my brother brought me Transformers: the movie (1986) tape, I like em ever since, and my favorite are Prime, Ultra Magnus and Grimlock !!!

I like how there’s constant Transformers threads on /h/, /d/ and /y/…
…makes me feel better about myself.

Transformers: The Movie was awesome. Rodimus was a shit leader though.

My earliest memory of Transformers was the 1986 movie. I’ve watched the original cartoon entirely, and I must say, it sucks. It would have been awesome if I’d seen it as a kid, but now? The movie holds up fine, but not the show. I’ve watched a few of the shows between the original and the stuff now, and my favorite was probably Beast Wars. The story, I thought, was very good, but I wish they expanded more on some of the little things, and ignored some of the bigger things they focused on. Transformers Prime is also pretty good. I haven’t watched any of season 2 yet, but season 1 was good.

From what I’ve seen trying to go back and watch the Unicron Trilogy, it sucks pretty hard. Then again, the DVD releases were dumb and skipped a ton of episodes, and I don’t want to search for torrents for something that bad.

My favorites are the Constructicons (G1) and Dinobot (BW).

Yeah, I kind of agree with you. Most of the Transformers series did suck, and it’s the nostalgia that makes people love them.

But it’s nostalgia that cannot be ignored. :smiley:


I was a massive transformers fan when I was younger. I have several of the gen1 toys(unboxed Prime, Metroplex and Blitzwing being the best), and the complete show + film on dvd. I also have every episode of Beast Wars on vhs and approx. 30 of the toys in a massive box. Yeah. As much as I liked the original transformers, I got into beast wars more because it was actually run during my childhood :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. Eric Idle and Orson Wells. Amazing.


pics or it didn’t happen

NOTE: Entire Transformers G1 cartoon series are on Netflix

I watched the original G1 Transformers when I was a teen. I was too old for the toys, but the cartoons I thought were cool. Transformers the Movie was good except for the part where Optimus Prime died.

The cartoons that came out after the movie…some were ok, but the ones that covered the return of Optimus were so riddled with continuity errors it was ridiculous.

I’ve only seen the first Micheal Bay movie…Man that movie was horrible…