Translations Needed

Pretty much so.

I certainly don’t understand your current procedures. It seems that either
a) you don’t know yourselves where you want to take things with the translation
b) you Devs have internal communication problems
c) you have clearly problems communicating your plans and issues to the community

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally okay if you look for whole new translators, whether you think the first one sucked or you want to open the field of available translators, but us (first) volunteering translators waiting so long for a update on this issue and not getting any information until recently, we just feel a little bit cheated.

I mean we all gladly want to help, even without the nice gift you’ll be giving /have given to us (on my behalf, at least, thanks again for that !), but the way you are handling things now isn’t exactly the best to build confidence and work together on equal footing.

Ok, there’s something that needs clarification on that matter.

Translators are welcome.

“We”, as in the “The translators who are at work since 2011-2012”, just feel a little cheated.

If you want to translate:
Go to
and look if the language you want to translate is already there.

Is the language you want to translate already there?

  • yes - then just click on that and ask if you can join.
  • no - you can make a post here and just become the first to translate for your language.
  • yes, and it has a [√] in front of the name. Those language were already finished once, but you can still join them and help improve.

Moreover, there are technical requirements of judging translations gathered this way. Is it good enough? Which is better? Hard to decide if you aren’t fluent in that language. Valve’s Steam Translation Server applies a two-phase validation system for each line of text, based on the power of voluntary native speaker communities. Black Mesa International forum means the same thing for Black Mesa game.

Yea, just to clear things up.

Jokerine is the lead of the current and long-standing translating team, if you’re interested in helping translate, please chat with them!

As Jokerine also pointed out, the updated captioning for the game isn’t ready yet, it’ll be ready within the next few months when the developer who is updated the english subs finishes up with the work.

Sorry for the miscommunication, something must’ve got … lost in translation. (Don’t shoot me :frowning: )

  • Joe

I can’t speak for other languages, but we of the Italian team (2 translators) normally handle the Steam Translation Server’s translations (Dota 2, Steam, etc.), and we often also deal with outside projects (ex. Shadow Warrior), so not only we have the experience, but we also have people at Valve that can confirm such experience for us.

I know that a few of the teams are handled by fellow STS people, which should at the very least show a certain bar their quality.

Alright then, seems like there was a big issue about it.

Well, too bad, I wanted to be credited :smiley: . just kiddin
It’s still rather weird though that you need to use that separate website instead of simply posting here, but I guess Crowbar Collective have their own ways.

I’ll translate to arabic.

To clear things up: The developers never had the intention or did work on a translation (at least for the past free mod, correct me if I’m wrong) themselves, so a bunch of ambitious people, led by Jokerine, came together. They wanted translations badly and so decided to do them themselves. Because it was difficult or rather counterproductive to do so on these forums, a new forum was created. It’s a lot faster to communicate problems, fixes, suggestions etc. on an own forum instead of wooling through new posts or having 100 + people commenting on your every single translation here. A nice, private space, just for the volunteers, seemed more appropriate. So no, Crowbar Collective wasn’t in any part involved or active in the translations or on these “new” forums.
For the Credit part: If you want to help translating, go to the forums, ask your fellow countrymen and become involved. If Not all of the translators were credited in the first BM release either. To elaborate on this: The Black Mesa Dev’s as well as the translation teams never had any “fixed” members. People come and people go, that’s just Life. The communications between us translators and the Dev’s was mainly through Jokerine. To credit the translators in the first BM release was a nice way of showing appreciation to those active on the translations in the past. It’s up to the Dev’s if they want to include you or more future translators in the Credits of the Steam Retail.

Hi, I’m willing to translate Black Mesa to PT-BR (Brazilian Portuguese) ! Including CC, UI, MP, HEV Boot, etc (as provided in misc.vpk) I have plenty of time to work on the translations !

Here’s a sample:


// En:
“Glock Alternate Fire”
“description” “Alt-firing (right clicking) with the Glock doubles its fire rate, but is 6x less accurate. It should only ever be used at very close range.”

// Pt-br
“Disparo Alternativo da Glock”
“description” “Usar o modo de disparo alternativo da Glock (botão direito do mouse) dobra a taxa de disparo, porém é 6x mais imprecisa. Deve ser usada somente quando estiver muito próximo ao inimigo.”

I noticed in the pt-br translations of the old version (mod) that lots of lines were translated using Google Translate and don’t make any sense in my language, I’m translating and adapting the originality of the Mod to Portuguese.

This is the files I have finished:

bms_english to bms_brazilian
bmsmp_english to bmsmp_brazilian
bootup_english to bootup_brazilian
credits_english to credits_brazilian

Working on:


  • compile closecaption when finished (.dat)

By the way, I have found a misspelling on line 185 of “bms_english.txt” = “BMS_Switch_frag” “Frag Gernade

Please apply for PT-BR in the Black Mesa international forum :

I’m not sure they take any more volonteers but It’s worthing to ask.
Don’t take attention to files in the old version… these translations were done very quickly in less than 24 hours… Which explains the massive use of Google Translate…

Thanks !

Oh, that’s why then… Yeah, I spoke with the moderator of the portuguese subforum and he said that they were already with a team, so I decided to do it myself just for fun and to improve my english. I’m correcting and adapting the majority of lines that were released back in 2012, and making a simple mod to override temporarily the english version to portuguese. Until the Dev Team make the propper corrections to the files we can translate, like gameui and gameui_loading_screen.

This is my progress, if anyone is interested:

I want to help translate it into “Traditional Chinese” , here is the tchinese board in Black Mesa International

They had finished all the translation of the old version. We work on it again after Black Mesa released on Steam.

Modify and add some dialogs into closecapion, also add new UI, loading screen.

Hope that you can allow me to get the .txt file upon acceptance, then we can translate it in the right way.

After finishing this translation, where we should contact or send to?

How did you do it !? I want to change the language of UI in the game like this. I had translated the UI txt file, but I have no idea how to make it work in the game.
Can you teach me how to do it?

Hi, Please send me a PM so we don’t change the Topic of this Thread.

I can make Croatian translation for the game,
if it is needed.

Hi everyone. You can count me in on the Turkish translations. I’d like to give a hand in any way I can.

So Xen probably needs translating too, right?
If you want day 1 translations when the real Xen Update is out, it would amazing if the text files won’t reach the translators 3 days before launch.