TRUMANTHOLOGY: Comic Anthology by Black Mesa's Story Lead/Narrative Director


Hey folks, I’m Benjamin Truman, the Story Lead/Narrative Director for Black Mesa.
I have started a Kickstarter to collect all my short comics under one cover .
There are lots of zombies, monsters, sci-fi & horror stories inside. I figured that the BM community might be interested in supporting the project.
Every little bit helps, so even if you can only share the link, that’s great!

Thanks for your time, and thanks for your continued support of Black Mesa!


I read Trumpanthology at first.


UPDATE: I’m offering spots in an exclusive Black Mesa Deathmatch w/ the Devs!
You’ll get to play in a private deathmatch with myself and other esteemed members of the Crowbar Collective


Just waiting for the payroll to come in, then I’ll chip in on this.


Thanks, @LordDz!

Hey folks, There are only 3 spots left in the Private Black Mesa Dev Deathmatch.
Don’t miss your chance to frag the crap out of The Crowbar Collective before the TRUMANTHOLOGY Kickstarter ends on June 5th!


Here ya go:
Would’ve bought the dm part, but just saw that my cash for this month has flown away a bit faster than I expected it to. (+15 for shipping)