Two Problems


I adore Black Mesa but I have two problems with it. One, on hard difficulty certain enemies tend to be bullet sponges and rather than the game being harder, it just becomes more tedious to fight enemies. Two, the lighting and visuals are amazing but the texture resolution is dragging it down. For example, a lot of the rock textures during outside segments are blurry messes, and some props look great while others are very blurry. This is, I think, the only thing holding the game back visually. That’s all! Otherwise, you all are doing a great job


On Hard difficulty, the damage your dealing is multiplied by 0.75, in other words, enemies effectively have 25% 33% more HP than on Normal difficutly. Wouldn’t exactly call that bullet spongy.
I agree on the textures though. As a matter of fact there is this really jarring disconnect going on in Black Mesa, where some levels look like they’re straight from 2005 with some neat effects slapped onto them and others actually look decent by today’s standards. I believe that the Black Mesa team should probably just do high res versions of some of the most common textures (such as concrete and rockfaces) and apply those to the entire game at once. I cannot stress enough how much the graphics of the game would benefit from that one simple change.


Would be nice if Hard difficulty headshots were more rewarding and not affected by 0.75 modifier, or maybe somewhere around 0.9
Is also AI affected by difficulty in some way?


That I don’t know. I don’t believe it is affected in other Half-Life titles, though it’s possible that it is in Black Mesa. Probably not though.


Well to be honest I was thinking of taking this kind of stuff into my own hands once the game is fully done. I’m planning on redoing three different skill.cfg, one being something closer to the original, one being balanced, and one being on the more “realist” kind of difficulty. And I’m also planning on toying with all the textures to make some kind of FakeFactory Black Mesa, minus the more than questionnable taste of some graffitis and models, and being faithful to the current visual atmosphere and ambiance.


(pushes glasses up) Actually, damage multiplied by .75 is equivalent to 33% more hitpoints.

/maths nerdery :freeman:


Dang, you’re right. Fixed!