Ubisoft drops its intrusive 'always on' internet DRM


It seems they have seen the error of their ways… of have they? Only time will tell.



Oh yeah, I saw that. I wonder what kind of draconian alternative they’ll come out with :stuck_out_tongue:


They’ve actually eased up on their DRM a while ago. AC Revelations was already a one-time activation deal when it launched.



What Maxey said. It will be a one time online activation at installation.


That was quite an…evasive interview.

Oh to be a corporate talking head.


I’ve become a rebel, I don’t trust no corporates no more!


lol! Evasive? Hell, he was pulling a Matrix bullet time dodge on some of those questions.


nooo spoilers :frowning:


Ezio dies of AIDS.


Really? I would’ve thought a tomahawk to the head. Imagine that…


Ezio used to be a master assassin but then he took a tomahawk to the knee.

…I know I’m sorry.


Yes, accurately describing obviously-evasive business speak is clearly a statement of intent against the man.


Interesting read. That part where they discussed sales - I’m a bit amazed at how small the PC gaming market seems to be getting… personally I prefer my PC over consoles.


Excuse me? I wasn’t talking about you. :expressionless:


What if ubisoft are actually templars and they are trying to win the trust of the PC gamers by getting rid of drm?



…It’s probably true…



But but, they’re all out on assignments! D: