Ubisoft Goes F2P

So word broke out today that Ubisoft has a 93-95% piracy rate. And that they’re going F2P with pretty much all of their games. Opinions?




Yves whateverhisnameis is a complete moron. He uses the ass method to determine his statistics.

Only about five to seven per cent of what Yves Guillemot says is fact. The rest is bullshit.

Yes, out of the hundred or so games (actually 85) I have on my computer, all but 5-7 are paid for. The rest are pirated… right off of Steam sales.

Does this mean I can stop losing 60 dollars every fall for the new creeds?

does this mean we’ll get watchdogs for free

god i hope so

Does this break every normally paid for game for ever? Does everything have to go F2P, so when you want to play it through you have to pay about 150€ in microtransactions and buy DLc at full game price? Come on!!

Most people that pirate cant even buy the full game in the first place.

See I would think the opposite. That 93%to 95% percent are actually buying the game while the rest pirate.

Not that I am giving merit to whatever his name is at ubisoft.

Its complete Bullshit.

One word: uPlay

If this had any truth to it at all, it would be more like 93-95% of Ubisoft’s PC games are pirated, because people would rather put their money towards other companies than deal with the shit they have to go through for a Ubisoft PC game.

My thoughts exactly.

AssCreed 3, Watch_Dogs, and Far Cry 2 (somewhat) are their games that I’m looking forward to. I doubt any of those will be F2P.

I think they only mean future titles. They can’t really make AC3 F2P since people have already started preordering the game.

F2P can be a very effective model if employed correctly. Unfortunately, companies seem to like the idea of pay to win, which is redundant. Love it or hate it, Valve got it right in TF2/DOTA 2. Sure, not everyone likes the hats but it’s made a killing for Valve.

Unless they go full retard mode and pull an EA. coughgens2cough

Oh wait nobody but EA can be that stupid.

Can they? :fffuuu:

Well I recently bought The Settlers 6, didn’t notice much DRM really. Or is it hidden somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it’s like many of ubisoft’s games aren’t wanted by anybody. So they don’t blame the crappy game for selling bad, no: it’s always the (not) fans that aren’t bying it. But the game is the “best ever made” in their opinion, so actually of those 7billion costumers most of them just have to pirate it for the sales projections to be true. That’s where their logic comes from.

I think EA is setting the dumb-standard for the whole industry. Ubisoft is just copy-catting.

I know this is a stretch, but does anybody know of any ‘F2P’ games which are actually free?