Unified Theory of Creation, Evolution, and time.

There is no such thing as ‘Creation OR Evolution’. It is ‘Creation AND Evolution’, or ‘Creativolution’.

In the Bible it talks about “a day is like a thousand years to God”. Not everything in the Bible is literal, it could just as easily mean “a day is like a million (billion?) years”.

Looking at it that way you could say that it took 6 million (billion?) years our time (6 days God’s time) to make the earth, and that we are still in God’s 7th day.

I believe that God is merely the architect, His Angels are His builders, they are the ones who actually made everything.

It does mention the dinosaurs in the Bible, it says that “God rained fire on the giants”. I believe that this is what got Lucifer cast out. He decided to make the most powerful beast, outside of God’s rules about making animals. (I actually got this about dinosaurs from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bible_code which should be taken with a grain of salt as well)

For me, this simple theory explains everything, and this should end all debates.

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Yet, living things were created on the 3rd and 5th days. If each time period marked as “day” were equal, then it isn’t scientific because man was created on the 6th day…but man came into being less than half a million years ago. Life existed on this planet, however, over 3 billion years ago.

Therefore, these “days” of yours aren’t exactly viable measurements of time.

Yet, the Bible states that giants are just big humans, not dinosaurs. The Bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs…or even kangaroos.

There are quite a few nonscientific (or just flat wrong) things in the Bible (such as a Biblical flood that covered the entire planet in water).

If you’d like to believe that God uses evolution as a tool, that’s your prerogative, but there’s absolutely no evidence to support this belief.

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you can’t just end debates
we have to debate

learn 2 planetary science

it looks to me as if he believes the earth is somewhere between 6 and 7 million years old


Or 6-7 billion. Or 6-7 trillion. Agreed these “days” are not viable measurements of time.

I may that I have not put too much serious time into really researching this; but I have spent a lot of time in the last 25 years thinking on this.

Like Einstein’s universal theory of everything which he never got to prove; I put this together as way to make everyone happy; to agree with everyone yet no-one. I don’t know if I am right, but it should give everyone something to think about.

@danielsangeo: Using an increment like billion matches the scientific time line better, but yet it is still not perfect.

I don’t really know how to respond to this.
He/She does realize that not everyone here believes in the bible.
I mean we have “Ask a muslim” and “Ask a Christian” and “Ask an Atheist”
I REALLY hope this dudes a Bot

science is for people who understand that life happened by chance, given the right odds and massive amount of time, those who believe in creation technically believe that some form of intelligence had to be there, it doesn’t explain the birth of god or the scientific method he used to create all living things, but science at least attempts to explain how we came to be, all due to the continued survival of our ancestors, of any form and shape, constantly affected by the environment

Think on this: Nowhere in the Old Testament (not sure about the New) Does it mention dogs. It does however mention wolves. National Geographic magazine, an article from this year, states that all dogs come from wolves, that through ‘selective breeding’ humans made a pet out wolf. Though it was done by humans, that is proof that evolution CAN occur, that we humans can cause, or force evolution of a species.

The main point of my theory is this: How much easier it would have been for God to make the standard model only, and allow natural diversification to take place.

I am Catholic, I do believe in God; I just think it is petty to make the creation/evolution issue so black and white. So, I believe in “Creativolution”.

I hope this is new idea might spur some good debate.

Life is not 100% chance. Just like throwing a bunch of bar magnets into a bag, then pulling them back out again, some bar magnets will stick to each other in certain configurations (The north pole of one stuck to the south pole of another, for example), life came about through similar processes.

It’s not entirely random when you have attractants and repulsants*.

  • Is “repulsant” a word? If not, it should be.

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