Unofficial Official Chat Thread

Let the chit-chat begin!

hey man, sup?
EDIT: fuck

Yeah that was hard, but fortunately Hubi (and everybody else) put it back online before I hanged myself.

Yaeh, were pretty much back to where we were now.

oh, sup guys

Howdy everyone.

eh bm foram is a pretty cool guy. eh crash and burn and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Yes… Same here.

I wonder if Eric Fong will be able to interpret what happened…


You must be so proud, Kaze.


Crash as been planted.




It’s like none of it ever happened.

He probably can’t even interpret his own name let alone a forum crash.

So Keresh stole my signature and avatar, and left me bleeding and naked on the side of the road. All the Samaritans that passed were asshats, unfortunately.

Keresh got his sig back so you shoud be fine as long as you can get some clothes and a band-aid.

One of them might of been me, sorry. We were on our way to a Health and Safety meeting :stuck_out_tongue:

How rare

What never happened?

And lol @ eric fong

—insert random chit-chat here—