Unpassable fight on hard skill



I consider myself as a quite skilled player, almost beated q3 on nightmare on the good times, and now I’m playing a bit inconvenient but…

bm_c2a5f, dropping out of ruined building and immediately got a vortigaunt shoot and it starts…

Infinite solders, 2 alien grunts and a “hidden” RPG (why?), cuz 8 rpg shots are not enough to take down the helicopter… I think, because I just couldn’t make it. (you must keep fighting 6-8 solders to get it back, while you can’t make it in one arrival)
After a couple of hours repeating, when I got to balcony with launcher, and the solders keep arriving… For the first time in my life I used a cheat to continue playing the game :’(
I remember that fight being hard, but not as much as unpassable.

Maybe it’s just over9000 hard, and can be done by champions… so that should be the fourth skill.

I even did a crazy stuff, beginning it dropping 2 spare medkits and dragging a barrel for not being hit by vortigaunt… all in vain.

Maybe you just got tired to check everything it while producing, because later we can see a sad ‘bug’ with hollow wall appeared after the gargantua got out of tunnel, and there is a pushable car that can be pushed there…

That things just don’t fit overall ultimate quality of the mod :slight_smile:



You ain’t seen nothing yet…








At the end of Lambda Complex, you have to fight an epic onslaught of UBERPOWERED aliens… while lagging more than Slender on a netbook.



I play on normal because I’m not very good, and it takes 4 hits with the rpg to drop the Osprey. Are you saying that it takes 8 + rpg hits on hard?



You know… I re-checked everything…
The PC I’m playing now, the mentioned ‘inconveniences’… it really just doesn’t let me play as good as it needed!
And Black Mesa is rather hard itself, to make the player remember how hird It was to play original HL, back in childhood :slight_smile:

I’m sorry BM crew. Hard skill is for those who finished a game on normal already… I can’t switch my PC for now, looks like I’ll switch skill level in a console

PS I just can’t kill a helicopter because of marines



…The first game I ever played was New Super Mario Bros.

…I played through Black Mesa only once.

…On Easy mode.

…I feel eight years old right now.

cries in a corner



I only play Black Mesa on hard difficulty. I got stuck there for a while on my first playthrough, until I realized you have to take down the Osprey to stop the infinite soldiers. Now, I just destroy it with the Tau Cannon while it’s dropping its first group of HECU guys. Have you tried using the Tau Cannon? :stuck_out_tongue:



The Tau Cannon really is the way to go here, as suggested by @te47



A few steps which don’t make it a lot easier but that’s how it worked for me.

  1. Immidiately after you drop down the hole, throw a grenade at the two vorts. It won’t save you from getting hit once but it will take care of them. Start sprinting towards them, so you are near when the alien grunt appears. Take care of him with the shotgun, and remember to dodge. He will try to melee you, but you can hopefully manage to keep yourself alive.

  2. At the first pass of the Osprey, wait till all the soldiers rappel down, remaining out of sight. You can take care of all of them at once with a single mp5 grenade.

  3. Use whatever tactic works for you best for the two grunts when the doors open.

  4. Run like hell to the doors, and charge as much as you can to be sure to not get ambushed by the next wave of soldiers.

  5. Set up two tripmines

  6. Remain hidden and keep shooting with the hivehand about 25 degrees upwards, so the hornets can actually hit the incoming soldiers. Eventually, only 2-3 should be able to make it up there per wave. Take care of them with the shotty. When the Osprey comes, shoot it with the TOW (mounted rocket launcher)

  7. Take care of the remaining soldiers as quick as you can, so you can take cover when the tank comes. Shoot him with the TOW again.

  8. Charge up the remaining of health and HEV power.

  9. Profit :wink:



Yeah, that one was really tough. Took me a while too on hard. Like Janm said, I used to hivehand to stay in cover and hit the soldiers. Tripmines saved my life.