[UPDATE 23/11/18] Pre-Disaster: Unforeseen Consequences


The pre disaster is looking real good so far.
May i recommend a stairwell between the upper layers of the labs and the lower layer coolant reserves. As an alternative from using the elevators.
Additionally, the new area added feels currently a little empty… possiblity of adding further rooms along some of the empty walls? Maybe an additional conference room or other variates of rooms seen in anomalous materials?
The door in the coolant reserves, the one that opens during the pizza quest, displays an incorrect texture on the back, where the security name is backwards and the front still shows locked. Additionally 1 of the tv mointors still show to be broken.
I cannot wait to see how you expand upon the coolant reserves area.


I should go around this map sometime and see if I can find any bugs within the map that can help with the further development of the map. and proof out stuff that may get missed.


Please do, it’s always useful!


Uploading: 20181129222554_1.jpg…
Ok I’ve been going around all 3 maps, and took screenshots of oddities or bugs in the level.
First thing I found was this broken monitor in the guard room u can unlock, seems off when every other monitor is not broken, even in the canals.
Oddity 2 is the back of the security door looks like this, additionally the front of the door never changes to green, indicating it is open. Additionally this door has a bug that makes it close while the player is still in the middle of the door, which is an instant death.
Bug 2 is invis wall in this particular control room, I believe others have mentioned this bug, but I am going to include it none the less.
Oddity 3, this vent still appears broken. which doesn’t make much sense in pre disaster. this is the only vent I could find broken.
Bug 3 this door is locked which is fine, but this actually causes a soft lock if you jump down into the water of the main canal where the large bridge is, if you jump down, you cannot re-access any part of the map without no-clip as access via this door is impossible from both sides, and there’s no ladder access to the other side of the canal where the doors are not locked, hence why I able labelling this one a bug rather than odd.
Oddity 4, the picture pretty much explains it, and I believe others have explained this odd goniometry too.
EDIT: oddity 5, all the canal signs are off center.
Hope this helps.