Updated VMF Release?

Way back when, the VMF files for the maps were available on the public beta branch of the game, and were invaluable in kicking off the Pre-Disaster mapping projects. Decompiling is the only option at the moment, and I fear that this will result in some information being lost during decompilation. My hope is that now that the game has hit a 1.0 release, that these VMF files can be released again for mappers to use. They would certainly be useful to me for a revival of my PD Lambda Core, and for reference if perhaps Xen sections are to be added to the project. Do the devs plan on releasing these VMFs any time soon?

The devs have said that they would release the vmf’s.

Is there a post somewhere about it? Any mention of a timeline for that?

Multiple posts.
No timeline.

I can’t found file c2a2c.vmf. There is a machine gun around rocket. I would like to know which entities do you use and I don’t now the name of that model.