Valve on Virtual reality - RPS interviews Michael Abrash

Michael Abrash, Valve’s self-proclaimed greatest proponent of wearable computing and virtual reality was interviewed at Quakecon by Rockpapershotgun

All kinds of cool and nebulous stuff is possible, but the end goal still seems to be entertainment.

I want to get them video glasses. But how bad would it be for your eys. And how about keyboard controlls, if you are playing a game with a lot of key commands it can get a bit frustrating.

I guess at sometime, eyetracking will come with it, or if you get one of these suits they were talking about you could control AND feel the game…

“They”…the Boogeyman and his henchmen? Looks like people commenting on the page acted like they weren’t even reading the article…posting things in no relation to the page.

Duh’, Abrash was talking with the interviewer about the missing feel to the immersion - that’s when that piece of clothing with artificial effectors came to talk. now who didn’t read the article?

It would be fun to play Black Mesa Source in virtual reality.

I always thought it would be cool to have pain for hit marking. like if you got shot in the back you will feel something. you could probably disable the pain or control the intensity in something like that. But i think it would be a good idea to add it to a virtual reality suit.

just look at this
goto 14 : 38

Maybe not pain, but a vest with an array of vibrators (hurr) that would vary in intensity and location depending on damage input and… location…

That plus the oculus rift… ;lsakjdffaldfnjl.


You’ll probably might spend a couple thousand dollars on it.

And I’m probably being kind on that estimate.

The treadmill alone will prbly cost you around $30.000.

Looks like it might be hard to keep one’s balance on those rollers…

didn’t seem to disturb the people i

Didn’t seem like the people in the video had big a big problem with it…

what happened there?